Cub Scout Pack Game: Giant Marbles

Giant Marbles Game3Are you looking for a fun game to play at a Cub Scout pack meeting?  Try Giant Marbles!  It’s easy, doesn’t take too many supplies and fun for the boys.

You’ll need a length of rope (if you’re playing in the grass) or some sidewalk chalk (if you’re playing on concrete or pavement). You’ll also need balls of all different sizes–basketballs, soccer balls, beach balls, etc.

Just like in regular marbles, the object of the game is to knock the balls out of the circle by hitting them with another ball, your “shooter.”

Make a large circle by drawing it with chalk or laying it out with the rope.  Pick one of the heavier balls to be your shooter, and place the rest of balls inside the circle.

Standing at a specified distance from the circle, each boy takes a turn rolling the shooter toward the other balls.  If he knocks a ball out of the circle while keeping the shooter inside the circle, the boy gets another turn.

If you have a small group of boys playing, each boy can keep the balls they knock out of the circle.  The game is over when all of the balls have been knocked out.

With a larger group, simply have the boys keep track of the number of balls they knock out.  Put them back in the circle to continue playing.  You can end the game after a specific amount of time (15 minutes or so) or when a boy reaches a certain score.

If you have a very large pack, consider setting up multiple game rings.  Divide the boys into smaller groups, each with their own ring.  You could even have the winners from each group play against each other for a championship!

What do you think?  Will your boys like this?

Yours in Scouting,

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