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9 Resources for the Looking Back, Looking Forward Adventure

looking back looking forward cub scout adventure

Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts have the option to work on the Looking Back, Looking Forward adventure.  One of the takeaways from this adventure is that the Cub Scouts will see “how actions of the past have influenced the present.”

Making their own time capsules (one of the requirements for the adventure) will help the Cub Scouts understand their own place in history.  It will be fascinating for the boys to open up their time capsules when they get older.

While there is some helpful information in the Webelos handbook and leader guide, you'll find these additional resources beneficial. 

History of Scouting Resources

While it only goes through 2009 (right before The Boy Scouts of America's 100th anniversary in 2010), this timeline is a great resource.  Here's an excerpt of it.

history of scouting timeline

Your Cub Scouts will like this short history/biography of Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement.  His story is fascinating.

Baden-Powell excelled in the British military in part because of his military scouting skills. He was asked to train other soldiers, so he wrote a manual for them. The Scouting movement really started because boys in England pretended they were military scouts, using the manual.

Virtual Journey to the Past Resources

We struggled a bit with this requirement.  While part of that was a stubborn Arrow of Light (yep, my son!), it was difficult to find good sources of information without spending a lot of time checking websites.  I did a little research and found these sites that I hope are helpful for you.

American History – This is a great site!  It's part of, “the official kids' portal for the U.S. government.”

History of Transportation in America – Published by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

National Jukebox – I didn't know we had a national jukebox!  It has early recordings that our Webelos and Arrows of Light can listen to.  Have them compare the quality of these recordings to what we download from iTunes.

History of Education – This site gives us a very quick overview of education in the US.

How to Create a Timeline for Looking Back, Looking Forward

A huge thank you goes out to Hank Coleman!  He created two timeline templates for the Looking Back, Looking Forward adventure.  He kindly offered to share them with all of the Cub Scout Ideas readers.  You can download them by clicking on the links below.

History of Cub Scouting Timeline Template

Virtual Journey Timeline Template

Thanks, Hank!

A second timeline option is for the Cub Scouts to create them online.  Teach-nology has a free timeline maker that looks easy to use.  Given my son's handwriting, this is a awesome option!

What resources have you used for the Looking Back, Looking Forward adventure?

Yours in Scouting,

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Heidi Cole

Monday 28th of January 2019

Making timelines is a popular activity for homeschool children. Google timeline figures printable and you can find a bunch of topics to choose from from candy to cars to historical figures