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Free Printable Time Capsule Questionnaire for Cub Scouts

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free printable cub scout time capsule questionnaire

The Webelos and Arrow of Light elective adventure, Looking Back, Looking Forward, is a fun way to show the Cub Scouts how the past has influenced the present.

One of the requirements is to “create your own time capsule.”  I'll tell you more about the time capsules my son's den created in a later post.

If you're putting photos in the time capsule, CVS is a great place to get them printed. Be sure to look for coupon codes!

As I was planning the den meeting where we made them, I found lots of printable time capsule questionnaires.  But I wanted something that would help the scouts remember their Cub Scouting career.  

Since there isn't anything like that, I decided to create my own!

time capsule questionnaire for cub scouts

The time capsule questionnaire has two pages.  The first has questions like the name of your Scout's Cubmaster and den leader, their favorite Cub Scout activities and the ranks they've earned.  

The second page has space to record all of the adventures (or belt loops and pins) they have completed and all of the day camps or resident camps they've attended.

The plan was to have the scouts fill them out and put them in the time capsule.  When they open it, they can see what their 11 year old handwriting was like.  

I hope my son's has improved by then!  🙂  If you're making a Cub Scout scrapbook, you can put the form in there too.

Get the Time Capsule Questionnaire

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Even if your Cub Scout isn't working on the Looking Back, Looking Forward adventure, this is a fun way to record his Cub Scouting career.

What will you use the questionnaire for?

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.  Click here to find helpful ideas for all of the Arrow of Light adventures.

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