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Cub Scout Volunteer Appreciation Tokens

Cub Scout Magnet for Volunteer Appreciation

A couple of years ago, I made these Cub Scout magnets to recognize the volunteers at our Cub Scout day camp.  It was quick and easy to make over 50 of these.

I love to shop at our Goodwill Outlet Store (yes, a Goodwill outlet!), and at some point in the past, I found a bag of glass marbles that are flat on one side.  I probably paid $1 for the entire bag.  I just LOVE my Goodwill Outlet store.

I found the Cub Scout logo online and sized it on my computer so that it would fit on the back of the marble. When it was the right size, I copied and pasted it multiple times on the same page of my document.  Make sure you leave a little room between the images.  I then printed it out on card stock and punched the images out with a round punch.

After painting the back of the marbles with Mod Podge, I placed the logos face down and painted over the paper with Mod Podge again.  Give the marbles time to dry completely.

Attach a magnet to the back.  I used round self-adhesive magnets to make the process go more quickly.

And just like that, I had a cute Cub Scout magnet to give to the leaders as a small volunteer appreciation token.

Yours in Scouting,

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