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Free Family Tree Template for Cub Scouts

Family Tree Template

While the Tiger elective adventure is Family Stories and the Webelos/AOL elective Project Family have been retired, creating a Family Tree can still be a fun activity for your Cub Scouts.

While it's pretty simple to draw your own family tree, consider using a template.  I found a very helpful website that has free printable family tree templates. Family Tree Templates has over 60 versions available to download free. For a nominal $4, you can even customize the family tree.

I like the four generation family tree for the Webelos & AOL ranks.  The three generation family tree has big boxes, so it's great for Tigers!

The templates will make it easy for our boys to work on this elective at a den meeting. They can also take it home and complete it with their parents.

I also like this fun kids' family tree template!  What's your favorite?

Yours in Scouting,

Lisa Jeter

Wednesday 25th of March 2020

It is pretty boring for kids to just recopy a family tree. So I had the parents give me a print out of their family tree ahead. I took the information to fill out a pdf family tree and printed. I then cut up each square of the family tree. At the activity I mixed up all the family names and had them in a pile on the table. Each Cub Scout had to find their family names and glue them to their family tree. It was the most fun I have ever seen watching the Cub Scouts search and put together their own family tree. 2 Cubs were cousins to it was fun seeing them search for the same names for their grandparents. It also helped the Cubs see if they knew their grandparents first names and birthdays. I love hands on!