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Cub Scout Gathering Activity Idea: Find the Hidden Object Game

If the Scouts in your den are anything like the ones in mine, they tend to be a little wild when they first start arriving. 

It can become chaotic very quickly.  I discovered this fun gathering activity that can help the meeting start off in an orderly manner.

I use a penny, but you can use any small objectHide it somewhere in your meeting room where it can be seen, but easily overlooked.

When most of the Scouts arrive, I tell them what was hidden and ask that they quietly look for the item.  As they find it, they sit down at the table without giving away the location to the other Scouts.

If some of the Scouts are having trouble locating the penny, I'll tell them “hotter” or “colder” to help them.

Because this is a quiet activity, it gives the Scouts an opportunity to calm down so that we can begin the meeting more easily.  While I use this as a gathering activity, this is also a great Cub Scout game to play at any time during your den meeting.

Do you have any special activities that you use to help the Scouts get ready to start the meeting?

Yours in Scouting,

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Fun Activities and Crafts for Your Cub Scouts | Voice of Scouting

Wednesday 28th of March 2018

[…] Hidden Object: Take an object that can be easily overlooked, like a penny, and hide it in a visible, but easily overlooked place somewhere in the room where you are meeting. As the boys arrive, have them quietly search for the object. When they do find it, they sit down and excitedly watch as the other boys try to find the hidden object. The boys have to be quiet during this activity, as to not give the location of the object away, making the activity a great way calm them down and give you an opportunity to start the meeting easily. (from cub scout idea site)  […]

Old Time Cub Scouter

Sunday 26th of February 2017

Most of the time I used the activities that were published in the Program Helps for my Den meeting gathering time. Usually these activities consisted of a simple game, puzzle, or craft that would keep the Cubs occupied while I checked their handbooks for completed achievements/electives. Gathering time also proved to be an excellent opportunity for my Den Chief to gain valuable skills by leading and teaching these activities. Occasionally I would “go rogue”, and come up with alternative gathering activities depending on the time of year and/or upcoming Cub Scout or Pack events. We usually made special neckerchief slides the week before important Pack Meetings or events like Blue and Gold, Pinewood Derby, Christmas, etc. And we would always play the Bobcat Badge Relay Game for a couple of weeks after our Pack’s Roundup Night to help the new Cubs learn the requirements for that award. When my Cubs were Webelos II’s, we would play a similar relay game to help them learn the Boy Scout joining requirements. Also during the Webelos years we practiced tying knots. Lots and lots of knots.