Tiger Theater

Tiger Tiger TheaterTiger Theater,
a Tiger Elective Adventure

The Tiger Den Leader guide says, “Children love to pretend.  They start at a young age by imitating what is around them.  By the time they reach school age, they are ready for the next step:  creating their own adventures to share.  Theater provides an avenue to learn about public presentations and builds confidence in public speaking.  Encouraging Tigers to perform helps them to become strong speakers and leaders, both in Scouting and in their daily lives.”

Read on to discover this adventure’s requirements and fun ways to complete them!


Complete at least four of the following requirements.

  1. With your den, discuss the following types of theater: puppet shows, reader’s theater, and pantomime.
  2. As a den, play a game of one-word charades.
  3. Make a puppet to show your den or to display at a pack meeting.
  4.  Perform a simple reader’s theater. Make a mask afterward to show what your character looks like.
  5. Watch a play or attend a story time at a library.

Free Summer Activities for Kids Ebook

free summer activities for kids ebookWhile looking for some summer activities for kids, I ran across a very cool website called Paper Toys.  They have images that the boys can download, cut out and fold to make paper models.  And it’s completely free!

Our Webelos will enjoy constructing their own Porsche 911.  Hmmm…  Maybe I’ll download one of these to give to my husband.  That’s his dream car, and I can say that I gave him a Porsche 911!  🙂

The t-rex is perfect for the younger boys, and Cub Scouts of all ages will love building the 3D model of the Capitol Building.  Check out all of the models that Paper Toys has available. Continue reading