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My Tiger Jungle

As of June 1, 2024, this adventure has been retired. The information about the adventure will remain here for reference only.

My Tiger Jungle, a Tiger Required Adventure

The Tiger Cub Scout Den Leader Guide says, “In this adventure, Tigers will learn that there are many types of living things that share the place where we live.  All animals, plants, and insects have a purpose in our environment.  It is everyone’s duty to be mindful of other creatures’ habitats.  Regardless of their age, Tigers can make a difference.”

Read on for this adventure’s requirements and links to posts that will help you and your Tiger explore their own jungle.


Complete Requirement 1 plus at least two others.

1. With your parent/guardian or other caring adult (referred to in the handbook as “your adult partner”), go for a walk outside, and pick out two or more sights or sounds of “nature” around you. Discuss with your partner or den. 2. Take a 1-foot hike. Make a list of the living things you find on your 1-foot hike. Discuss these plants or animals with your parent/guardian, other caring adult, or your den. 3. Point out two different kinds of birds that live in your area. With your parent/guardian, other caring adult, or den, find out more about one of these birds. 4. Be helpful to nature by planting a plant, shrub, or tree. Learn more about the needs and growth of the item you’ve planted. 5. Build and hang a birdhouse.