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Flat Dybbie, Flat Cubbie, and Flat Scoutie

Download your Flat Dybbie, Flat Cubbie, and Flat Scoutie today, and take them on all of your Cub Scout adventures just like Flat Stanley!

flat scoutie flat dybbie flat cubbie

Say hello to Flat Cubbie, Flat Dybbie, and Flat Scoutie! They're members of the Cub Scout Ideas family, and they want to join your family too!

They're pretty cool Cub Scouts who even have their own hashtags! #FlatCubbie, #FlatScoutie and #FlatDybbie

I'll bet you're wondering about the spelling of Flat DYBbie's name. It's a play on the Cub Scout slogan, Do Your Best (DYB).

My friend Anne Parris from Midlife Boulevard came up with the name, and I love it! She was a Scout mom for many years.

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Get Your Flat Cub Scouts

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When you download the file above, you'll find coloring pages for all of the Flat Cub Scouts.

Take your Flat Cubbie, Flat Scoutie, and Flat Dybbie with you whenever you're doing fun Cub Scout stuff. Take a picture of them, and share it on Instagram.

Be sure to use the #FlatDybbie, #FlatCubbie, or #FlatScoutie hashtag so everyone will know where they've been and what they've done!

Flat Dybbie Flat Scoutie and Flat Cubbie