Supplies Needed

– Baking Soda – Vinegar – Empty Plastic Bottle – Single– Pringles can – Wooden Skewer – Ruler – Hammer – Nail – Glue Gun and Glue Stick – Scissors or Exacto Knife – Sharpie Marker – Masking Tape – Aluminum Foil – Cling Wrap – Hot Dogs Ply Tissue – Funnel – Duct Tape – Car – Measuring Cup – Measuring Spoon – Paper & Pencil

Step 1

- Clean the can - Put the lid on the bottom and use a hammer and nail to put a hole through the bottom of the can - Cut out a 4-5" rectangle in the middle of the can

Step 2

- Place the skewer through the lid and out the other side of the can. - Glue the rectangle to the bottom of the cooker for stabilization

Step 3

- Grab a section of cling wrap and some masking tape and proceed to fully cover the rectangle opening. - Remove the skewer from the can, and skewer it through the hot dog.

Step 4

- Return the skewer back to the Pringles can cooker. Place the cooker in direct sunlight until the hot dog is to the desired doneness. - Serve with condiments and of course a side of Pringles chips and enjoy!

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