6 Exciting and Helpful Scout Law Games

Learning the Scout Law is easy with repetition. If you incorporate these Scout Law index card games, it won't seem like “work” at all!

Learn the Scout Law with Fun Games

Learning the Scout Oath and Law is fun with these simple puzzles made from craft sticks.

Easily Learn the Scout Oath and Law with Legos

Easily create puzzles using Legos and a labeler that are useful for several different games.

Bobcat Requirements: Balloon Bust Game

This Bobcat Balloon Bust game is a fun way to learn the important Bobcat requirements such as the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

Scout Oath and Law Puzzle Game

Not only can this activity be used to help the Scouts earn their Bobcat rank, it can also be used as a review for the older Scouts.

Bobcat Rank Relay Race Game

The game is called the Bobcat Relay Race.  The race can also help the older Scouts review the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

How to Make Fun Treats with Scout Law Candy Wrappers

Scout Law candy wrapper kits make awesome treats for your next Cub Scout event.

Free Printable Cub Scout Information Cards

Download these free printable Cub Scout information cards.

Quizlet: Great Scout Oath and Law Review

Quizlet is an incredibly useful tool to learn the Scout Oath and Law.  And it's FREE!

Find the best way for your Scout to learn the Scout Oath and Scout Law

Find all these resources and get a FREE Scout Oath and Law printable using the link below!