Supplies Needed

– Cardboard Pizza Box (some pizza restaurants will give or sell you one) – Black construction paper (the larger size works better) – Plastic wrap – Aluminum foil – Packing tape – Glue – Stick (such as a long ruler or paint stirring stick) – Knife

Step 1

Carefully use your knife to cut a square opening in the lid of the pizza box, staying within an inch or so of the border. Don’t cut the hinged side of the box—keep that side together, and fold back the flap.

Step 2

Cut the foil to the correct size so that it fits on the flap that you’ve folded back. Using the glue, attach the foil to the flap, keeping the shiny side out and making sure the foil is smooth.

Step 3

Put another piece of foil in the bottom of the pizza box, with the shiny side up. Cover the foil with the construction paper. This is the “heating element.”

Step 4

Next, take the plastic wrap and stretch it over the open area (where the flap you cut used to be). Tape it well around the edges so that the wrap is sealed.

Step 5

Put the food you want to cook on a small foil tray, on top of the black paper. Close the plastic lid, seal it is as tight as you can get it, with the box tabs tucked in. Use the stick to prop open the flap of your oven.

Step 6

Check your food often by looking through the plastic wrap.  Try not to open the lid too much because every time you do, heat escapes. When your food is done, open up the box and enjoy!

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