It will take a few weeks to finish if they only work on them during den meetings.  

The nice thing about this project is that the steps can be done during a den meeting or at home.

– 1 1/8" x 4' Dowel Rod –  20 mm Compass – 550 Paracord -17' of cord per dowel – Aerowave Zipper Pull Survival Whistle – Rubber furniture leg tip – Danish Oil or Stain and Polyurethane – Wood Glue

Hiking Stick Supplies:

– 1/4" Drill Bit to drill holes for rope – 20 mm Forstner Drill Bit - for compass inset –  Wood Burning Tool – Sandpaper

Tools and Equipment:

Step 1: Sand and decorate the dowel rod Step 2: Trace drawings with wood burning tool (parents only!) Step 3: Apply Danish Oil

6 Steps in Making a Handmade Walking Stick

Step 4: Attach compass and rubber tip Step 5: Wrap paracord Step 6: Attach whistle

6 Steps in Making a Handmade Walking Stick

Your hiking stick is completed!

Get free printable instructions at the link!