Are your Webelos working on the First Responder adventure? 

Learn how to make a mini Cub Scout first aid kit with ideas for 3 different containers.

A great resource to include in your mini first aid kits are these Hurry Case Reminder Cards. One side of the card explains the Three Cs, and the other side has details for a specific hurry case.

Download your Hurry First Aid Cards

You can make them out of everything from duct tape to ziploc bags to film canisters.

Pick out your Container

Gather your Supplies

 Here are the items that I used: – Adhesive bandages – Butterfly bandages – Individual packages of antibacterial cream – Non-latex gloves – Gauze pads – Medical tape – Individually packaged antibacterial wipes

Optional Supplies

  Your Cub Scout first aid kit contents could also include items such as: – Moleskin – Alcohol wipes – Safety pins Pain relievers

Use red duct tape to make a label for your first aid kit or write directly on the container.

Label the Container

Have the Scouts fold up their gloves and wrap a long strip of medical tape around the folded gloves.

Prepare your Gloves

Put the printable first aid cards in the bottom of the container, the gloves on top of them, then put the rest of the supplies in their container to complete the mini first aid kit.

Add Supplies to the Container

Your Cub Scouts now have their own mini first aid kit to take along on hikes or campouts.