How to Make Alka Seltzer Rockets

Supplies You'll Need

– Film Canisters - The ones where the lid fits inside the canister.  – Alka Seltzer tablets (Generic brands also work) – Water – Safety goggles or glasses

Let's Get Started!

– Print off one of the templates from the web site and follow the instructions to attach it to the film canister.

Next Steps...

Turn the rocket upside down and pour water into the container. The amount of water you use will determine the launch height, so only fill the container about 1/4 to 1/3 full.

Next Steps...

Drop 1/2 of an Alka Seltzer tablet into the water and quickly put the lid on. Make sure the lid snaps completely into the container.

Ready for launch!

- Set the rocket on a flat surface such as a sidewalk or driveway, and step quickly away from it. - Wait a few seconds, and watch it go flying into the air!