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Cub Scout Requirements Updated

2015 Cub Scout Requirements

The 2015 Cub Scout Requirements were updated in August 2015.  I compared the two sets of requirements using Adobe Acrobat Pro which generates a document showing you exactly what the differences are.

If you would like a copy of these updated requirements and the comparison document, sign up below.

There are five changes in the requirements.  They are:

  1. Code of the Wolf 4c.
    OLD:  Practice using a code stick to decode a message.
    NEW:  Practice using a code stick to create and decode a message.
  1. Bear Necessities 8.
    OLD:  Demonstrate how to tie two half hitches. Explain what they are used for.
    NEW:  Demonstrate how to tie two half hitches and explain what the hitch is used for.
  2. Beat of the Drum 4.
    OLD:  Make a craft.
    NEW:  Make a craft similar to one made by American Indians.
  3. Earth Rocks! 4a.
    OLD:  With your family or den, make a mineral test kit, and test rocks according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
    NEW:  With your family or den, make a mineral test kit, and test minerals according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
  4. Scouting Adventure 1f.
    ADDITION:  Repeat from memory the Pledge of Allegiance. In your own words, explain its meaning.

The first three are already printed in the new handbooks, so the Cub Scout requirements document now matches the boys' handbooks.

The fourth change is simply a clarification that the boys should be testing minerals with their mineral test kits, and not rocks.  The handbook will updated in the next printing.

The fifth is a substantive change.  The Arrow of Light Scouting adventure now has one additional requirement.  Previously, the adventure only had requirements 1A-E, but 1F has been added.

Scouting Adventure 1f. Repeat from memory the Pledge of Allegiance. In your own words, explain its meaning.

This new requirement is not printed in our Webelos books.  I asked the question, “If this isn't in the book, how will Arrow of Light dens know that they need to do it?

The answer is in this quote from page 17 of the Guide to Advancement 2015.

Unless the handbook says differently, the following applies:   The member has until the next
January 1 to decide whether to continue work—or to begin work—on the old requirements, or to switch to—or begin work—using the new requirements.

I'm going to use my son to try to illustrate what this means.  He is currently a Webelos 1, and he has the book that is in print now without requirement 1F.

The Webelos handbook will be updated and should be available to purchase some time in January 2016.  Grant will have until January 1, 2017 to decide whether he will continue working with the requirements he has in the 2015 book or switch to the requirements in the 2016 book.

In January 2017, Grant will be a Webelos 2 who is very close to crossing over to Boy Scouts.  I doubt that I will purchase a new book for him, so his decision (well, mine really! 🙂 ) will be to continue to work out of the 2015 book that he has now.

The Guide to Advancement 2015 goes on to say:

…if a Cub Scout, Venturer, or Sea Scout chooses to use the old
requirements, he or she may continue using them until the
rank or award is completed.

So, Grant can continue using the old requirements until he complete the Arrow of Light rank even though that will be after January 2017.

That's complicated, and it took me a while to understand!  I hope it makes sense to you.

Please help spread the word about the new requirement.  At your next pack meeting or Webelos den meeting, ask everyone to take a minute now and write the new requirement in their Webelos handbooks and leader guides.  The books will then be updated for anyone (leader or Scout) who might use them in the future.

To get a copy of the updated Cub Scout requirements and the comparison document, simply sign up below!


Michelle Mahler

Tuesday 20th of October 2015

Earth Rocks - To truly test the Mohs scale of hardness you need a test kit that cost around $80. How can you make a test kit??


Sunday 8th of November 2015

Page 350 of the Webelos book has a "Mohs Hardness Scale" that gives the hardness scale using a scratch test. Page 351 shows you how to make one yourself.

The instructions say to use your fingernail, a penny, piece of glass, piece of unglazed tile and a pocketknife to try to scratch the mineral. You also put vinegar on the mineral to see if it contains calcium carbonate.

I'm sure this isn't as accurate as a commercial test kit, but it looks like it would work for our Webelos.

Thanks for reading!