Pinewood Derby

Down & Derby Movie Review

down and derby 2I’ve shared before that I love the Pinewood Derby!  The excitement of the competition is infectious.  And the look on the boys’ faces when their cars cross that finish line is priceless.

Every boy’s Pinewood Derby car starts with a simple block of wood.  It’s amazing to see the designs the boys make out of that wood.  We’ve had King from the Cars movie, Steve from Minecraft, a Bat Mobile, Bullet Bill, an arrow and a leopard.  I have even built my own car too.  One was a Beyblade car when they were so popular with my boys.  The other was a “Travel Bug” car.  Travel Bugs are popular in geocachingContinue reading

Pinewood Derby Resources

pinewood derby tipsIf you search for “Pinewood Derby cars” on the internet, you will find a plethora of information.  Whether this is your first derby and you just want to know what to do with that block of wood or you’re searching for all the latest and greatest speed tips, you’ll find just what you need!

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To save you a little search time, I’ve compiled a list of links to some great websites that can help you build the fastest and the coolest car. Continue reading

Fun Pinewood Derby Music

pinewood derby music playlistLast year, my pack decided to change up our Pinewood Derby a bit.  One of the things we did was play music during our weigh-in time.  It created a more festive atmosphere and added to the excitement of the race!

I searched for car-related music, and I found some fun songs!  I created a Pinewood Derby playlist on my phone and connected the phone to our pack’s portable PA system.  You could also use a portable Bluetooth speaker.

So, here’s our fun Pinewood Derby playlist!  I’m including links to iTunes for my fellow i-users as well as to Amazon for our Android device users.  These are my affiliate links, so if you click and order, I’ll earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you).  If you do order, thank you! Continue reading

History of the Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby Article in Boys' Life Magazine

Article from the October 1954 edition of Boys’ Life Magazine.

Image courtesy of Boys’ Life Magazine

I LOVE the Pinewood Derby!  Walking into the room for my very first Pinewood Derby was an unforgettable experience.  Every year, I can’t wait to watch it again!

The Pinewood Derby celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013.  It started with Don Murphy who was the Cubmaster for Pack 280c in Manhattan Beach, California.  Mr. Murphy’s son wanted to participate in the Soap Box Derby, but he was too young.  So Mr. Murphy took his life-long hobby of building models and combined that with the Soap Box Derby’s concept of gravity-powered vehicles.  And the Pinewood Derby was created.

After gaining support from his employer, the Management Club at North American Aviation, Mr. Murphy enlisted the help of Pack Committee members to create and assemble the kits which were handed out to the boys in brown paper bags.  Some of the Cub Scout dads built a 31′ race ramp. Continue reading