Pinewood Derby

3 Amazing Lessons from the Pinewood Derby

pinewood derby lessons
This post about the Pinewood Derby was sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America.  As always, the story and opinions are mine.

It’s amazing what you can learn from working with your son on his Pinewood Derby car.  Here’s our story of creativity, challenge, and collaboration.

Last year, we asked Grant what kind of Pinewood Derby car he wanted to make.  He said a tornado.  What??  How in the world can we make a tornado Pinewood Derby car?  I’m not quite sure how Grant came up with that idea, but it was creative. Continue reading

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Pit Pass

Pinewood Derby Pit Pass

Many, many thanks to The Idea Door Files for this uber-cool Pinewood Derby Pit Pass!  I decided to print these for our Derby contestants, and they were a huge hit!  We had several Boy Scouts who helped us with the Derby, and they wanted one too.

When you go to The Idea Door Files, you’ll see the link for a pdf file with 4 passes on a page.  I printed that one on card stock, wrote numbers on the lines and cut them out.  I then laminated them.  I used some lanyards that I had from another project so that the kids could wear them around their necks. Continue reading

Cub Scout Neckerchief Slide Idea for Pinewood Derby

A few weeks ago, I posted this over on my Facebook page, and now it’s time to reveal what we made!



pinewood derby neckerchief slides1I searched for Cub Scout neckerchief slide ideas for our Pinewood Derby, and Alpine District Cub Scouts had this awesome one!  If you haven’t checked out their website, you need to.  They have lots of wonderful ideas.

Unfortunately, I procrastinated about ordering the checkered flag toothpicks online, and I knew they wouldn’t arrive in time.  I thought, “No worries.  I’ll find them locally.”  I called around to all the party supply and craft stores in our city, but no one had them! Continue reading

Pinewood Derby Award Ideas

pinewood derby award ideas

One of my readers, Jace, asked about ideas for Pinewood Derby awards.  I thought I would compile a quick resource list for you.  Some of these may have duplicate ideas, but hopefully, they’ll be helpful to you.

Pinewood Derby Cars has a very extensive list of 93 award categories!  My favorites from the list are:  Best TV Show or Movie Themed Car, Best Jungle Car, Most Likely To Be On Front Cover of Motor Trend and Least Wood Left On Car.

Agent Z offers another set of Pinewood Derby award ideas.


Continue reading

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

I’ll never forget my first Pinewood Derby.  My older son was a Tiger.  Although I had heard about it, I had never witnessed a Derby before.  I walked into the meeting room and was shocked at all the activity going on around me.

On one side of the room, boys were lined up for weigh-in.  The Derby volunteers took their cars, numbered them and put them on display for others to see, but not touch.

About every third boy took his car back from the volunteer and walked to the other side of the room where boys and parents were gathered to make last minute modifications. Some were adding weights to the bottom, some were trying to remove weights and some simply drilled out holes to make the car lighter.  Fingers were stained black with the graphite that can be used on the axles. Continue reading

Articles to Help You With Your Pinewood Derby

8 pinewood derby articlesPinewood Derby season is here!  It’s probably my favorite Cub Scout event.  I’m always amazed at the creative designs the boys come up with.  And the excitement when the race starts is something you just have to experience to understand.

There are several Pinewood Derby articles here on Cub Scout Ideas, so I wanted to make sure you had easy access to them.  I’ve included links to each one below.

Whether you want to learn about the history of the Derby or you need ideas for Pinewood Derby awards, you’ll find what you need here. Continue reading

How to Make the Best Pinewood Derby Car Ever

Pinewood Derby GuideI am super excited to tell you about a FREE guide that I’m giving away to everyone who subscribes to my email newsletter!  It’s a 12 page guide that will help you create an awesome Pinewood Derby car.  The guide covers topics such as:

  • Knowing the rules before you design your car
  • The parts of your car and how to prepare them for the fastest time possible
  • Drawing your design
  • Cutting out your design (your parents’ job, mostly!)
  • Adding weights
  • Painting and decorating your car
  • Installing the axles and wheels

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