Cub Scout Outdoor Activities at Local Parks

Nature Center Bat HouseWhen you’re planning your Cub Scout year, check out any local nature centers or parks. Many of them have great programming that you can consider. Most even have programs that are specifically for Cub Scouts.

I’ve found that the employees of nature centers are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work.  And that enthusiasm rubs off on the boys.   Continue reading

Cub Scout Picnic-Themed Awards

picnic themed awardsAt our annual pack picnic in September,  we present awards earned over the summer.  Since we’re trying to add some fun to our Cub Scout awards ceremonies, I wanted to use the picnic idea as our theme.

My first thought was ants, but I couldn’t think of how to use them. Then I thought about picnic baskets, and after a quick look on Pinterest, I realized I could make them from brown paper lunch bags.  They would be really cute with a red gingham napkinBut our Cub Scouts don’t want cute!  Continue reading

Summer Family Fun Equals Cub Scout Achievement: Let’s Have a Picnic

Picnic with your Cub ScoutDo you love summer as much as I do?  The days are longer, and it’s warm outside.  This gives us the opportunity to do more outdoor activities with our kids.  I know that many Cub Scout packs don’t meet during the summer, but your boys can still get Cub Scout credit for activities they do during that time.

This is the first in a five part series called “Summer Family Fun Equals Cub Scout Achievements”.  The series will cover five activities that many families do during the summer and what Cub Scout achievements can be earned while participating in the fun.  The other activities are Bicycling, Hiking, Gardening and Water Fun. Continue reading

Cub Scout Outing Idea: Visit TV or Radio Station

Tiger Go See It TV Station VisitWhile visiting a newspaper office or a TV or radio station is no longer a requirement in the 2015 Cub Scout program, it is one of the coolest Cub Scout outing ideas.

While you’re there, learn about how the newspaper, TV station and radio station help the community.  Ask your tour guide what he or she likes best about working there.  You could also ask them to explain how they communicate. Continue reading