Webelos_AoL MaestroMaestro!,
a Webelos and Arrow of Light Elective Adventure

The Webelos Den Leader guide says, “Listen!  There is noise all around you.  What changes noise into music?  What is the difference?  In this adventure, Webelos Scouts will discover ways to make and play music that sounds good to them.”

Read on to discover this adventure’s requirements and fun ways to complete them!


Complete Requirements 1 and 2.

  1. Do a or b:
    a. Attend a live musical performance.
    b. Visit a facility that uses a sound mixer, and learn how it is used.
  2. Do two of the following:
    a. Make a musical instrument. Play it for your family, den, or pack.
    b. Form a “band” with your den. Each member creates his own homemade musical instrument. Perform for your pack at a pack meeting.
    c. Play two tunes on any band or orchestra instrument.
    d. Teach your den the words and melody of a song. Perform the song with your den at your den or pack meeting.
    e. Create original words for a song. Perform it at your den or pack meeting.
    f. Collaborate with your den to compose a den theme song. Perform it at your pack meeting.
    g. Write a song with words and music that expresses your feelings about an issue, a person, something you are learning, a point of the Scout Law, etc. Perform it at your den or pack meeting, alone or with a group.
    h. Perform a musical number by yourself or with your Webelos den in front of an audience.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Cub Scout Handbook in the Summer

Before the summer comes to an end, get a copy of the Cub Scout handbook for your son’s next rank even if your den doesn’t meet during the summer.  Most of us don’t even think about buying any Cub Scout gear for the next rank until school starts and our dens begin meeting again.

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Cub Scouts and Our National Anthem

Our National AnthemAt least one of the Cub Scout adventures for each rank requires the boys to participate in a campfire program with a song or a skit.  What better song to sing than our National Anthem–especially if your campfire includes a flag retirement ceremony!

Tiger Adventure – Tigers in the Wild 5: Participate in an outdoor pack meeting or pack campout campfire. Sing a song and act out a skit with your Tiger den as part of the program.

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How to Make a PVC Pipe Kazoo

pvc kazoo When I think of a kazoo, I think of the little plastic ones that are often found in birthday treat bags.  Even though kazoos have been around as long as I can remember, I had no idea they were invented so long ago.

Warren Herbert Frost patented the first recognizable kazoo in 1883.  Yep, over 100 years ago!  And did you know there is an actual Kazoo Museum in Beaufort, South Carolina?  Sound like a good stop if you’re heading to Hilton Head for vacation.  🙂

My boys and I decided to make a kazoo out of PVC pipe.  It was super easy and completed some adventure requirements.

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