Grow Something

Wolf Grow SomethingGrow Something,
a Wolf Elective Adventure

The Wolf Den Leader guide says, “In this adventure, Wolves will come to understand how plants grow and the importance of taking care of our natural resources and the environment.  They will also learn about the tools needed to plant and tend a garden.”

Read on to discover this adventure’s requirements and fun ways to complete them!


Complete the following Requirements

  1.  Select a seed, and plant it in a small container. Care for it for 30 days. Take a picture or make a drawing of your plant once each week to share with your den or family.
  2. Find out the growing zone for your area, and share the types of plants that will grow best in your zone.
  3. Visit or research a botanical or community garden in your area, and learn about two of the plants that grow there. Share what you have learned with your den or family.
  4. Complete one of the following:
    A. Make a terrarium.
    B. Using a seed tray, grow a garden inside your home. Keep a journal of its progress for 30 days. Share the results with your den or family.
    C. Grow a sweet potato plant in water. Keep a journal of its growth for two weeks. Share the information with your den or family.

How to Make a Terrarium Out of a Soda Bottle

Webelos Naturalist TerrariumIt’s so rewarding for kids to plant seeds and watch them grow.  They also learn that they need to take care of their seeds by watering them and making sure they get enough light.

The Cub Scout adventure program has several requirements that involve growing something.  Two of those adventures require making a terrarium.  They are:

Wolf Elective Adventure – Grow Something 4A:  Make a terrarium.

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure – Into the Wild 2:  Set up an aquarium or terrarium. Keep it for at least a month. Share your experience with your Webelos den by showing them photos or drawings of your project or by having them visit to see your project. Continue reading

Summer Family Fun Equals Cub Scout Achievement: Growing Our Garden

Family Gardening is greatTo quote the nursery rhyme, “how does your garden grow?”  Some families have wonderful vegetable gardens, others have beautifully landscaped lawns and some have fabulous window boxes full of fragrant flowers.

Use the summer gardening season to introduce your Cub Scout to gardening in some fashion.  Whether you’re doing landscaping in your yard or planting a vegetable garden, gardening can provide many benefits to children.  To list a few, here are some of the benefits: Continue reading