How to Host a Cub Scout Geocaching Event

Geocaching ScoutsI love to geocache!  It’s such a fun way to get outdoors with our families or friends.  So I was excited to see that it’s being incorporated into Cub Scouts.  Going on a geocaching adventure is one of the Arrow of Light required adventures in the new Cub Scout program.
Arrow of Light Adventure – Camper 6:  Go on a geocaching adventure with your den or family. Show how you used a GPS unit or a smartphone with a GPS application to locate a geocache.

Update:  The 2016 modifications deleted this requirement, but geocaching is still a wonderful activity to do with your Cub Scouts!
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7 Cub Scout Recruitment Ideas

Those of us who are already involved in Cub Scouts know how much fun it can be for the boys, but if a boy has never been exposed to Scouting, we need to have some good Cub Scout recruitment ideas.  Many packs hold a recruiting event just after school starts in the fall.  It may be called a “Round Up,” a “Scout Rally Night” or a “Join Cub Scouts Event.”

Regardless of the name, this is an important event for your pack.  A Cubmaster was recently interviewed on CubCast (a BSA scouting podcast) about how he is so successful in recruiting new Cub Scouts.  What he said stuck with me.  He is “selling fun to the boys,” and he is “marketing positive experiences to the parents.” Continue reading

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity: How to Geocache

How to Geocache quick guide


After I posted about the Geocaching Get Outside Day on the Cub Scout Ideas Facebook page, one of my very good friends asked how to get started in Geocaching.

I wrote a quick “How to Geocache” response to her that I thought I would share here.  My disclaimer is that I’m ready to head out myself, and I wrote this up very quickly, so forgive me if I made a mistake!


Here’s how you get started in Geocaching. To find out if you like it, go to and set up a free account. It’s $30 a year to upgrade to a premium account which gives you access to lots more caches and some other great features.  I love my premium membership, but I would wait until you’ve been out once or twice with the free account before you sign up just to make sure you like it. Continue reading