Gathering Activities

Cub Scout Games: Rattlesnake Game

Rattlesnake gameIf you need a fun, quick activity to do after a passive task, energize your boys with the Rattlesnake Game!

A milk carton or a paper bag is the rattlesnake.  Or if you left the milk carton at home like I did, look in your supply bin and grab something that’s about the same size to use.

Put your rattlesnake on the floor, and have the boys form a circle around it.  Each boy will grasp his neighbor’s hands. Continue reading

Cub Scout Pack Game: Giant Marbles

Giant Marbles Game3Are you looking for a fun game to play at a Cub Scout pack meeting?  Try Giant Marbles!  It’s easy, doesn’t take too many supplies and fun for the boys.

You’ll need a length of rope (if you’re playing in the grass) or some sidewalk chalk (if you’re playing on concrete or pavement). You’ll also need balls of all different sizes–basketballs, soccer balls, beach balls, etc. Continue reading

Cub Scout Bobcat Requirements: Balloon Bust Game

Cub Scout Bobcat balloon bust game

Don’t you just love those cute little Tigers?  They are adorable!  But then you try to teach them the Cub Scout Bobcat requirements.  Between the boys asking when they’re going home and if they’re getting a snack, it’s hard to keep their attention!

We do have to remember they’re first graders, so it’s up to us to find fun ways for them to learn the important Bobcat requirements such as the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Continue reading

Cub Scouts are Courteous – Learning Good Manners

Do you ever feel like a broken record when you’re talking to your sons?  You know, “use your napkin, not your shirt.”  Maybe when they start dating we’ll see a change…

While the Cub Scouts Good Manners Belt Loop has been retired, the Scout Law reminds us that a Scout is courteous.

These good manners activities are perfect for the Tiger elective adventure, Earning Your Stripes.  They’ll also work for a pack meeting where the theme is Courteous.

Continue reading