Cub Scout Meetings

Active and Passive Activities at Cub Scout Den and Pack Meetings

Active and Passive ActivitiesIf you want your Cub Scouts to feel like this poor kid, then keep them sitting at a table the entire meeting doing passive activities.  If you are a parent of a boy, you know that we can’t keep them sitting for long before boredom sets in.

But, we don’t want our den meetings to become a free-for-all either.  It’s important that the boys have both active and passive experiences.

One of the things I love about the 2015 Cub Scout program is that there is less emphasis on “school-like” activities and more emphasis on keeping the boys engaged–even during a “passive” activity. Continue reading

Connections in the 2015 Cub Scout Program Changes

connections screen shotNote:  This document was updated in June 2015.

I have a great resource to share with you!

With the Academic and Sports program (aka belt loops) being incorporated into the new adventures, many of us are concerned about program planning for multiple ranks.  For example, we could offer a baseball or geography program where all boys–Tigers through Webelos–could earn a belt loop.  The new adventure program isn’t set up that way. Continue reading

Cub Scout Requirements Involving Pack Meetings

Requirements Involving Pack MeetingsSeveral of the Cub Scout adventures give the boys opportunities to interact with other boys in their packs or to participate in some way at their pack meetings.

Games Tigers Play requirement 3 is an example of boys interacting at pack meetings.  It reads, “Make up a new game, and play it with your family or members of your den or pack.”

Critter Care is a Bear adventure that shows an example of a boy participating in a pack meeting. Requirement 3 is, “Make a poster about your pet or a pet you would like to own. Share your poster with your den, pack, or family.”  Continue reading

Cub Scout Activity: Alka-Seltzer Rockets

Alka-Seltzer Rocket Supplies

10, 9, 8, 7, 6…  This cool Cub Scout activity has all the elements for a fun den meeting or pack meeting:  boys, rockets and explosions!

This Alka-Seltzer rocket activity was such a hit at a Bear den meeting that I decided to do it with all the Cub Scout ranks during our Cub Scout Day Camp.  200 boys with 200 rocket explosions was GREAT! Continue reading

Should Webelos Lead Their Own Den Meetings?

Webelos Lead MeetingMy son’s Webelos leader, Jason (an Eagle Scout), is doing an awesome job with the boys.  Recently, he instituted a process that I wasn’t too sure about, but it has proven to be a great idea!

I don’t usually get to sit in the Webelos den meetings.  All of our pack’s dens meet at the same place on the same day, so usually, I’m helping out other dens, talking to parents or taking care of other pack business.  Things slowed down a couple of months ago, so now I can attend.

At the end of the first meeting I attended, Jason told the boys to work with their den chief to decide what they wanted to do at the next meeting and to plan it out because they were going to run the meeting. Continue reading