Cub Scout Leaders and Parents

Electronic Cub Scout Den Leader Guides

leader guide collageDid you know that the Cub Scout handbooks are now available electronically?  Well, there’s more great news!  The leader guides are also available in Kindle format.

You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books. There are free Kindle reader apps available for your tablet, smartphone or computer!  Just click on over to Amazon to download them

The beautiful thing about having an electronic copy of your leader guide is that you can plan your Cub Scout den meetings from anywhere! Continue reading

Cub Scout Leader How To Book Online in PDF Format

March 24, 2016 Update:  BSA’s legal department has asked that I remove the links to the Cub Scout Leader How To Book.

The only place that I’ve been able to find the book is in hard copy format on ScoutStuff and in local Scout Shops.  This is a newer edition that the one previously linked to.  The cover is different, and there are minor revisions to the content.

At this point, the book doesn’t seem to be available electronically.  Hopefully, BSA will introduce the Kindle version soon.

I’m so sorry if this caused you any inconvenience.

I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot!

I found a copy of the Cub Scout Leader How To Book online in a pdf format!  I have a printed version that I purchased a few years ago, but it’s in the bookcase upstairs–not very convenient.  It’s great to have an electronic version of it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the How-To Book, it is full of games, activities, crafts, hikes, outdoor cooking recipes, skits, cheers, songs, magic tricks, special events and more. Continue reading

Cub Scout Leader Training Secrets

Cub Scout leader training secrets

The Boy Scouts of  America has training courses that are required for leaders and parents who work with the boys on a regular basis.  Most councils or districts hold face-to-face sessions so that volunteers can get the required training.

However, many people opt to take the courses online.  It’s convenient and can be done on your schedule.

I wanted to share a couple of “secrets” about the online training.  Well, they aren’t really secrets, but they’re tips that I’ll bet a lot leaders and parents don’t know. Continue reading

Cub Scout Volunteer Appreciation Tokens

Cub Scout Magnet for Volunteer AppreciationA couple of years ago, I made these Cub Scout magnets to recognize the volunteers at our Cub Scout day camp.  It was quick and easy to make over 50 of these.

I love to shop at our Goodwill Outlet Store (yes, a Goodwill outlet!), and at some point in the past, I found a bag of glass marbles that are flat on one side.  I probably paid $1 for the entire bag.  I just LOVE my Goodwill Outlet store. Continue reading

What Does the Cub Scout Pack Committee Do?

Cub Scout Pack Committee

You’ve probably wondered what your Pack Committee does.  You know you have a Cubmaster, and you assume that he or she is in charge of the pack.  I think of the Cubmaster as the “face” of the pack.  He or she interacts with the boys and runs the pack meetings.  The Cubmaster is also a member of the Pack Committee in most units.

But the Cubmaster can’t do everything alone.  In addition to ensuring that there is a solid pack program, there are many administrative tasks that must be done to make a good pack.  That’s where the Pack Committee steps inContinue reading

Cub Scout Leader Gift Idea

cub scout leader appreciation gift
Cub Scout leaders don’t volunteer for the recognition, but it’s nice to know that your efforts are appreciated.  As the Pack Committee Chair, I wanted to give each of our leaders and committee members a lasting but inexpensive gift.

After searching the internet, I decided to make these personalized mugs by using vinyl, a Cricut cutting machine, and glass etching cream. Continue reading