Cub Scout Handiwork

Cub Scout Wood Project: Build a Wooden Chair

Cub Scout Wood Chair Project
Our local day camp does awesome Cub Scout woodworking building projects!  Each rank does a different project, so if a boy comes all five years that he is eligible, he will have constructed five unique wood items.

Here’s a list of the projects by rank:

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Cub Scout Wood Projects: Build a Tray

Tray wood projectsOne of the most awesome things we do at our Cub Scout day camp is building wood projects.  For some of our boys, this is the first time they’ve used hammers and screwdrivers.  The boys (and their parents) are so proud of their projects!

Our wood projects list by rank has been the same for at least the last seven years since I’ve been involved with the camp.  The items vary in difficulty depending on rank. We continue doing the same wood projects every year so that if a boy comes to day camp every year, he’ll have five different projects.

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Cub Scouts Birdhouse Plans

Building a birdhouse is such a great opportunity for our all of our boys.  They learn about taking something simple, such as wood, and turning it into something useful.  They learn about using tools safely.  And they learn about helping other creatures.

In the new Cub Scout Adventure program, there are several ranks that can build a birdhouse to complete an adventure.

Tiger Adventure – My Tiger Jungle 5:  Build and hang a birdhouse.

Bear Adventure – Baloo the Builder 3:  Assemble your materials, and build one useful project and one fun project using wood. Continue reading