Cub Scout Handbook

How to Get Your Cub Scout Handbooks Online

New Cub Scout Handbooks
NOTE:  The Boy Scouts of America made modifications to the Cub Scout Program effective December 2016.  The handbooks have NOT been updated yet.  However, you can download (or print) an addendum for each handbook.

The addenda give you all of the rank requirements, but they don’t provide any of the supporting information that your Cub Scouts will need.

As soon as the new versions of the handbooks are available, I’ll post links to them here. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Cub Scout Handbook in the Summer

Before the summer comes to an end, get a copy of the Cub Scout handbook for your son’s next rank even if your den doesn’t meet during the summer.  Most of us don’t even think about buying any Cub Scout gear for the next rank until school starts and our dens begin meeting again.

However, there are great reasons to get the Cub Scout manual and read through it with your child.  Whether you’re a Cub Scout den leader or a Cub Scout parent, there are four benefits you’ll get by spending some time perusing the handbook for your son’s next Cub Scout rank. Continue reading