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Cub Scout Patch Placement Guide for Parents

Cub Scout Patch Placement - Sleeves

If you aren’t a seamstress, consider using Badge Magic, available through my affiliate link!  It’s an easy, no-sew, no-iron solution to sewing those Cub Scout badges.

Cub Scout patch placement can be very confusing–especially for a new Cub Scout family.  In this article, we’ll cover the basic Cub Scout patches and badges so that you can get your son’s uniform ready for his first Cub Scout meeting!

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How to Get Your Cub Scout Handbooks Online

New Cub Scout Handbooks
NOTE:  The Boy Scouts of America made modifications to the Cub Scout Program effective December 2016.  The handbooks have NOT been updated yet.  However, you can download (or print) an addendum for each handbook.

The addenda give you all of the rank requirements, but they don’t provide any of the supporting information that your Cub Scouts will need.

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Temporary Cub Scout Patch Placement & Display Ideas

Cub Scout Patch PlacementCub Scout patch placement is always a big question for parents–especially those temporary badges.  How can boys earn them and where do they go?

There are many opportunities to earn temporary badges.  When our Cubs participate in activities such as the annual popcorn sale, the Memorial Day flag placement or the Scouting for Food drive, they get a new patch.  Scouting anniversary events and camporees have patches for the attendees.  The boys who go to Cub Scout Day Camp get a patch.  Often, an organization such as a minor league baseball team will host a Scout Night and will give patches to the boys who are there. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Cub Scout Handbook in the Summer

Before the summer comes to an end, get a copy of the Cub Scout handbook for your son’s next rank even if your den doesn’t meet during the summer.  Most of us don’t even think about buying any Cub Scout gear for the next rank until school starts and our dens begin meeting again.

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Cub Scout Uniform – Important Tip

Cub Scout Uniform Shirt

A friend gave me great advice before I bought my oldest son’s first Cub Scout uniform.

Buy a big shirt!

Boys grow a lot from the beginning of first grade to the end of third grade, so unless you want to buy a second shirt, buy a big shirt.  As you can see, we barely made it!  The buttonholes were stretching a bit, but with only a few weeks of the year left, I couldn’t justify buying a new blue shirt. Continue reading