Cub Scout Fundraising Ideas

Selling Cub Scout Popcorn With Video

Most of us these days have friends or family members who live in different cities or states from us. So, selling Cub Scout popcorn to these folks in person is almost impossible!  But even if your Cub Scout can’t sell to them in person, he CAN sell to them!

If your Counsel uses Trail’s End as their popcorn provider, you have the option to sell popcorn online.  I’m not familiar with the other popcorn suppliers, so check with your Popcorn Kernel to see if your supplier offers online sales. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Cub Scout Popcorn

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Cub Scout PopcornSelling Cub Scout popcorn is a great way for a pack to earn money for its activities while teaching the boys that we earn our own way. Now, I know some people don’t like to sell popcorn for many different reasons. But your son can practice some valuable skills during your pack’s popcorn sale.

Recently, we had a “show and sell” event where we set up a table at Lowe’s and sold popcorn to people coming in and out of the store. During our shift, I started thinking about what Grant was learning through this process, and I realized that there are some great lessons to be learned by selling Cub Scout popcorn. Continue reading

Cub Scout Popcorn Sale 2015

Cub Scout Popcorn
Our pack had an AWESOME Cub Scout popcorn sale this year!  Our total was $17,893 which was a 75% increase over last year’s total of $10,146!

Now, I know that the first thing I always ask when I hear popcorn numbers is, “How many boys are in your pack?”  We have 32 boys in our pack, but not all of them sold popcorn.

I wish I knew the secret of how we increased our sales so much this year, but frankly, I don’t.  But here are some things that I think contributed to the increase.  Continue reading

Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraising for Cub Scouts

NOTE: Before doing any fundraiser, you must get approval from your local council.
You must complete the Unit Money-Earning Application to request approval.

Mickman BrothersIs your pack looking for a new way to raise funds?  Do you need an easy fundraiser with good profit margins and a high potential for repeat business?  Then look no further than Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraising!

When Mickman Brothers contacted me about sponsoring a review of their program, I looked at the products they offer.  Boy, was I impressed!  They have four styles of balsam fir wreaths, three styles of mixed evergreen door sprays, three indoor evergreens, balsam fir garlands and accessories such as door hangers and LED lights. Continue reading

Popcorn Fun for Cub Scout Meetings

Popcorn Fun for Cub Scout MeetingsDo you know about the Popcorn Guy?  If not, you need to head over to his blog and sign up.  He has great information about selling BSA popcorn.  While most of it is related to selling popcorn, the Popcorn Guy (who’s an Eagle Scout) offers other Cub and Boy Scout suggestions too.

There are some great activities you can do with popcorn.  In fact, you can have an entire den or pack meeting with popcorn fun.  Use these activities your popcorn sale kickoff or for National Popcorn Day (January 19th) or Popcorn Lovers’ Day (2nd Thursday in March) or just anytime you need a fun den or pack meeting. Continue reading

Pack Fundraising Ideas

NOTE: Before doing any fundraiser, you must get approval from your local council.
You must complete the Unit Money-Earning Application to request approval.

Fundraising: It's what's up!
Often, dues and popcorn income won’t cover all of a pack’s expenses, and we have to hold another fundraiser.  But what should we do?  There are many options available which makes it difficult to choose one.

You might want to consider using  The company offers a myriad of fund-raising products, so you can pick what will best work for your pack. Continue reading