Cub Scout Changes 2015

New Cub Scout Program 2015: FAQs

Cub Adventure Program FAQs-page-001June 1st is quickly approaching, so I’m sure you’re all getting excited about the new Cub Scout adventure program.  I know I am!  There are so many fun activities for the boys to do.

But even if you’re excited, you may have questions and concerns.  That’s understandable.  Change can be scary.  To help address your concerns, the Boy Scouts of America has created a frequently asked questions document for the new Cub Scout program 2015.

In it you’ll find answers to most (if not all) for your worries.  Continue reading

Webcasts for New Cub Scout Program

Since the new Cub Scout program became effective on June 1, 2015, I’m sure many of you are feeling a bit uncomfortable.  I understand!  Change is always a bit scary.

But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the program.  Instead of “working on advancement,” the boys will be “going on adventures.”    Some of the best parts of today’s program (both rank requirements and the Sports & Academics program) were incorporated into the new adventures.  And you’ll also find some great improvements! Continue reading

New Cub Scout Program 2015: Interview from Philmont

interview snapshot Earlier this summer, I attended a training session at Philmont called “Getting the 411 on the New Cub Scout Program.”  Together with 49 other Scouters, we learned the whys and the hows of the upcoming changes.

Hailing from Arkansas, our fearless leaders were Jamie Green and Anna Kunkel.  They took us through the evolution of the changes and previewed several of the new Cub Scout adventures. Continue reading

Cub Scout Changes 2015: Why, How and What

Cub Scout Changes 2015
Most of you know that I attended a training session at Philmont Training Center titled, “Get the 411 on the New Cub Scout Adventure Program.”  I want to share with you what I learned about why the program is changing, how BSA developed the new Cub Scout program and what the new program will look like.

So, why exactly did the Boy Scouts of America change the Cub Scout program? Wasn’t the old one just fine?  Well, actually, it wasn’t. Continue reading