Cub Scout Ceremonies

Unique Arrow of Light Plaques for Cub Scouts

arrow of light plaqueThis post was sponsored by Vince’s Arrows, but the opinions, as always, are my own.

A couple of years ago, I discovered Vince’s Arrows and purchased them for my older son’s den. I loved them so much that I asked Vince if he would like to work with me to get the word out to you about them.

So I didn’t hesitate when Vince asked me to tell you about his personalized Arrow of Light plaques.  He created one for my son so I could take a look at it.

As I removed the plaque from the wrapping, I was surprised to see that the plaque wasn’t smooth like others that I’ve seen. The wood is rough cut.  My immediate reaction was “well, that’s different.” I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, and I put it on my counter so I could see it every time I walked past it. Continue reading

My 7 Favorite Cub Scout Crossover Ceremonies

Webelos Crossover CeremoniesWhile sending our little Cub Scouts off to Boy Scouts is bittersweet, most of us want to celebrate this milestone in their Scouting careers.  Many packs do this by holding one of these Cub Scout Crossover Ceremonies.

Crossover ceremonies are a way for the pack to say goodbye and for the troop to welcome them.  Just like the Arrow of Light ceremonies, you can find a plethora of crossover ceremonies online.  While I was researching this post, I read through quite a few and picked my 7 favorites.

Some of the 7 are very simple, and others are more elaborate.  Most of them use small wooden bridges, but there is one that uses a rope instead of a bridge.  I also included the ceremony we used for my son, Parker’s crossover where the boys were taken across a lake in canoes.

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Top 10 Arrow of Light Ceremonies for Cub Scouts

Arrow of Light Ceremonies roundup


The Arrow of Light (AoL) is the highest rank in Cub Scouting.  It is also the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.  The requirements to earn the AoL rank can be found here.

Often, packs will hold a special ceremony to honor the Cub Scouts who have earned their Arrow of Light rank.  These may include presenting the boy with a plaque and a ceremonial arrow. Continue reading

Easy Cub Scout Flag Ceremony

cub scout flag ceremonyFinding a Cub Scout flag ceremony that the boys can remember was hard.  They often couldn’t remember the steps.  In fact, some of us adults couldn’t remember all of them either!  Luckily, I found an easy Cub Scout flag ceremony!

It’s called the 5 Finger Flag Ceremony.  The boys only have to remember five steps to lead it.  And since there’s a clue that goes along with each finger, your Cub Scouts will be able to quickly memorize the steps–especially if you practice it at each meeting. Continue reading

Cub Scout Picnic-Themed Awards

picnic themed awardsAt our annual pack picnic in September,  we present awards earned over the summer.  Since we’re trying to add some fun to our Cub Scout awards ceremonies, I wanted to use the picnic idea as our theme.

My first thought was ants, but I couldn’t think of how to use them. Then I thought about picnic baskets, and after a quick look on Pinterest, I realized I could make them from brown paper lunch bags.  They would be really cute with a red gingham napkinBut our Cub Scouts don’t want cute!  Continue reading

Faux Campfire Awards Ceremony

faux campfire awardsAs I’ve mentioned before, we have been a “handshake and a baggie” awards pack in the past, and we’re trying to break free of that.  So, we wanted to think of a fun way to give the boys their awards at our Blue and Gold banquet.

Our first attempt at a new way to present awards was the frisbee awards.  They were so popular with the boys, and we knew we would have to come up with an awesome follow-up. Continue reading