Cub Scout Awards

Cyber Chip: Pack Technology Policy

Cyber Chip Pack Technology PolicyThe Cyber Chip is the Boy Scouts of America’s online internet safety program.  Just like the Whittling Chip teaches the boys how to safely use a pocketknife, the Cyber Chip teaches them how to safely use the internet.

The BSA feels so strongly about internet safety that the Cub Scouts must complete the Cyber Chip in order to earn their rank badge.  Bobcat is the only rank that doesn’t require it.

The Cyber Chip requirements vary by grade.  The first through third graders have one set of requirements that differs from the fourth and fifth grade set.  One of the key differences is that the older boys must discuss acceptable usage of electronics at Scouting events.  Continue reading

Arrow of Light Arrow Striping

Arrow of Light Arrow StripingThe Arrow of Light is Cub Scout’s highest rank. In many packs, it’s customary to honor Arrow of Light recipients with a plaque, a ceremonial arrow or both. One of the traditions observed by many packs is to put stripes on the shaft of the arrow to symbolize the boys’ achievements during their Cub Scout careers.

One of three methods is typically used to add the stripes. Some will paint the stripes on to the shaft of the arrow. Some will wind colored embroidery floss around it. Others will use adhesive vinyl strips.

Each method has its pros and cons. Paint may last longer, but it is the most difficult to apply. You have to paint carefully and stay in the lines, and it can get messy. Continue reading

Great Arrow of Light Arrows: Review of Vince’s Arrows

vince's arrow of light arrows
As I began to prepare for my Webelos den’s Arrow of Light ceremony, I knew I wanted the boys to have a plaque with an arrow hanging from it.  I discovered that we had two options for Arrow of Light arrows–we could make them ourselves or we could purchase them ready-made.  For us, the ready-made option made the most sense.

I searched for arrows that were high quality yet at an affordable price, and I found exactly that with Vince’s Arrows.  I ordered five arrows on a Sunday, and I got an email on Monday saying they had been shipped! Continue reading

Cub Scouts: Nova STEM Program

Cub Scouts Nova Stem ProgramHave you heard about the Cub Scouts Nova awards and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program?  It is a BSA initiative to encourage boys’ curiosity about these fields.

As part of the Cub Scouts Nova STEM program, boys can earn two different awards. The hope is that the requirements and activities for earning these awards stimulates interest in STEM-related fields and shows how science, technology, engineering and mathematics apply to everyday living and the world around them. Continue reading

Cub Scout World Conservation Award

world conservation award imageEarning the World Conservation Award helps boys understand more about the wonderful planet we live on and how we all can do our part to take care of it.

Below you’ll find information about the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.  This award can only be earned once while a boy is a Cub Scout.  For example, if he earns it while he’s a Wolf, he can’t earn it again as a Webelos. Continue reading