Completing Cub Scout Rank Requirements While Camping

Cub Scout Requirements Camping

Cub Scouts always enjoy a fun camp out!  As den leaders, this is a wonderful opportunity to complete some rank adventure requirements.

But if we haven’t reviewed all of the requirements looking for activities that can be done on Cub Scout camp outs, we may miss out on the opportunity.

That’s why I compiled lists of activities by rank that can be done without equipment during a camp out that will satisfy adventure requirements.  So that it’s easier for you to use, I’m making the lists available in a pdf format.  There is a master list of all ranks as well as one for each individual rank. Continue reading

Camping in the Cub Scout Adventure Program

In the Cub Scout program, there is an emphasis on camping. My friend, Scouter Adam, reviewed the camping requirements on his blog and compiled the list for us.  Another friend, Robert the Popcorn Guy, created this awesome Camping for Cubs chart using Adam’s information.  Both Adam and Robert said that I could share their information with the Cub Scout Ideas readers.

You’ll find that going on a pack camp out is a requirement to earn your rank badge for Wolf, Bear and Arrow of Light dens. The only exception is for those packs whose charter organization doesn’t allow pack camping. Continue reading


smoresNational S’mores Day is August 10th.  Who knew there was an entire day to celebrate these ubiquitous campfire treats?

No one knows who invented s’mores.  According to Wikipeida, the Campfire Marshmallow company published the first s’mores recipe in the early 1920s where it was called the Campfire Graham Cracker Sandwich.  Here’s that recipe as it was originally printed:

Place a thin layer of sweet chocolate on a graham cracker, then a toasted marshmallow.  Cover with another graham cracker.  Especially for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  To be made around an open fire.

Continue reading

Great American Campout

great american campoutWe’ve all heard about the benefits of being outdoors, and Great Outdoors Month, celebrated in June, is a perfect time to enjoy nature–especially during the Great American Campout!

One of the Great Outdoors Month events, the Great American Campout is “part of the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to inspire Americans to protect wildlife, including a three-year campaign to get 10 million kids to spend more time outdoors.Continue reading

Cub Scout Camping Checklist

Cub Scout camping checklistIf your pack has new families, you might need to tell them what they should bring to your campout.  A Cub Scout camping checklist would be a great thing to share with them.

Before my pack’s first campout last fall, several new Cub Scouts emailed us to ask what they needed to bring.  Those of us who have been around for a while knew, but we forgot that some people wouldn’t know.

I decided to create a Cub Scout camping checklist for our pack and to share with you.  Continue reading

Be Prepared for Weather Changes When Camping

weather changes when campingBeing prepared for severe weather is something we think about while we’re home, but we often don’t consider it while we’re camping.  As the adults, we’ll watch the weather forecast and plan accordingly.  But our boys still need to know what to do in severe weather situations that may arise while we’re camping.

In fact, one of the required Wolf Adventures has the Cub Scout discussing how to be prepared for possible weather changes.

Wolf Adventure –  Call of the Wild 2:  With your family or den, make a list of possible weather changes that could happen during your outing according to the time of year you are outside. Tell how you will be prepared for each one.

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