A Bear Goes Fishing

Bear A Bear Goes FishingA Bear Goes Fishing,
a Bear Elective Adventure

The Bear Cub Scout Den Leader Guide says, “Fishing is a skill that can become a lifelong hobby, or possibly a career.  It can be done alone, or with family or friends.  This adventure lays some groundwork for the Fishing merit badge once the Bear becomes a Boy Scout.  This adventure is meant to be fun and can be used for teaching several points of the Scout Law such as trustworthy, helpful, courteous, obedient, thrifty, cheerful, clean, and even reverent.”

Read on for this adventure’s requirements and links to posts that will help you when A Bear Goes Fishing.


Complete at least three of the following.

  1.  Discover and learn about three types of fish in your area. Draw a color picture of each fish, record what each one likes to eat, and describe what sort of habitat each likes.
  2. Learn about your local fishing regulations with your den leader or a parent or guardian. List three of the regulations you learn about and one reason each regulation exists.
  3. Learn about fishing equipment, and make a simple fishing pole. Practice casting at a target.
  4. Go on a fishing adventure, and spend a minimum of one hour trying to catch a fish. Put into practice the things you have learned about fish and fishing equipment.

Summer Family Fun Equals Cub Scout Achievement: Water Fun

Cub Scout Credit for Water FunSwimming, fishing and boating give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the water in the summer.  There are so many activities you can do that involve water, so your family is sure to find something that everyone enjoys.

The list of water-related activities for which your Cub Scout can earn credit is long.  Review this list before you head out to the water so that your Cub can mark off some requirements and electives. Continue reading