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Welcome to Cub Scout Ideas!  I’m Sherry Smothermon-Short, and I look forward to working with you.

From everyone in our family building a Pinewood Derby car to all of us (including Nana!) attending Cub Scout Day camp, Cub Scouting is truly a way of life for our family.

Our Mission
Cub Scout Ideas is a go-to source of fun, easy and creative ideas for Cub Scout parents and leaders, so they can spend less time on the work and more time on the FUN with their Scouts!

What is Cub Scouts?
A program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Cub Scouting is a family-oriented program designed specifically to address the needs of younger boys–first through fifth graders.  Through Cub Scouting, young boys can see and learn fun, new things they can’t get anywhere else.


My Experience
I have been a Cub Scout volunteer mom for over six years.  During that time, I have served as a den leader for all Cub Scout ranks.  For the past three years, I have been our pack’s committee chairperson.  For the last six summers, I have been heavily involved as the director, program director or instructor for our local Cub Scout day camp.

Target Market
Cub Scout Idea’s target market is families with boys ages 6 through 11. Their children are a priority to them. They tend to spend their money on their children–not on themselves. They believe in giving their boys a good grounding in values and positive experiences–especially outdoor experiences.

Pie in the face

That’s me. About to get hit in the face with a pie. By my own son.

Audience Profile

  • Gender
    • 64% Female
    • 36% Male
  • Age
    • 51% ages 35-44
    • 22% ages 45-54
    • 10% ages 55-64
    • 9% ages 25-34
    •  5% ages 65+
    •  3% ages 18-24


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Reach (as of December 31, 2015)

My website grew dramatically during 2015.  Pageviews have increased 47%, and I have 29% more visitors.  I have 114% more email subscribers and 103% more Facebook “likes.”  I expect this upward trend will continue.

The Cub Scout niche is  seasonal. Traffic begins rising in August and continues through March. There is a slight dip in December.  Pageviews slow down in April but begin increasing in late July or early August.

  • 549,628 pageviews during 2015.  This is a 47% increase over 2014.
  • 207,400 visitors during 2015.  This is a 29% increase over 2014.
  • 8,807 email subscribers which is a 114% increase since December 2014.
  • 5,602 Facebook likes which is a 103% increase since December 2014.
  • 3,288 Pinterest followers
  • 1,366 Twitter followers

Advertising Options

  • Site-Wide Banner Advertising
  • Sponsored Blog Post
  • Product Review
  • Hosting a Contest / Drawing / Giveaway
  • Dedicated Feature to my Email List
  • Social Media Promotion

If you want to reach a very targeted audience of families, email me at  I can work with you to create a customized advertising program that will be most beneficial for your brand.

You can download my Cub Scout Ideas Media Kit.