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Webelos Fitness Chart for Stronger Faster Higher

webelos fitness chart stronger faster higherThe Webelos required adventure Stronger Faster Higher encourages physical activity.  Since most kids don’t get as much exercise as they should, this is a fun way to encourage them.

In this adventure, Webelos do a series of six exercises and are asked to record their results. The six are:

  • 20 yard dash
  • Vertical jump
  • Lifting a 5 pound weight
  • Push-ups
  • Curls
  • Jumping rope

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Webelos Cast Iron Chef Nutrition Goals

Cast Iron ChefIn the Webelos Cast Iron Chef adventure, our Cub Scouts will learn about good nutrition. For requirement 2, they will set “personal nutritional goals,” keep a food journal for a week and review the journal to see if they’ve met their goals.

Update:  The 2016 modifications to the Cub Scout program eliminated this requirement.  However, I’m leaving this post because you may find it useful for working with your children outside of Cub Scouts.

A while ago, I put together a food journal that can be printed. There is a space on the form for boys to write down their goals.  Every time the boys record what they’ve eaten, they’ll see their goals.

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Free Printable Arrow of Light Certificate Template

Arrow of Light Certificate TemplateThe Arrow of Light is the highest rank a Cub Scout can earn.  It is also the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

The Arrow of Light requirements are intended to help prepare the Webelos to become Boy Scouts.  The requirements familiarize the boys with the Boy Scout Oath and Law and give them an opportunity to learn more about the troop.  Continue reading

Handmade Hiking Sticks

handmade hiking stickA couple of years ago, one of the dads who was attending Cub Scout Day Camp with us shared his plans for making hiking sticks. They are awesome!  It will take the boys a few weeks to finish them, if they only work on them during den meetings.  The nice thing about this project is that the steps can be done during a den meeting or at home.

My Webelos den made these handmade hiking sticks, and they turned out great!  Parker used his on a cold January hike.  This is a good project for your Bears or Webelos. Continue reading