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Cub Scout Project Idea: DIY Chess Board

chess board  webelos craftsmanWhen my older son was a Webelos, our  den made a chess set from nuts and bolts as part of an old requirement.  It is still a fun activity for the boys!

I wanted a chess board to go with the pieces.  Finding an inexpensive way to make the boards was important.  I turned to Pinterest and other online sources and wandered around Lowe’s, but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t wood. Continue reading

Get Your Free Cub Scout Cootie Catcher Template

cub scout cootie catcher template
A couple of months ago, I shared a Cub Scout cootie catcher that the boys can use to help them learn what they need to know for the Bobcat badge.  Several of you asked for a version that you could personalize, so I modified the original one to make a Cub Scout cootie catcher template.

I’m sure many of us recall using a cootie catcher or fortune teller (as some call it) when we were young.  I know I do!  But did you know that they first appeared as early as the 17th century?  This article from Mental Floss gives us a brief history of the humble cootie catcher.
Continue reading

Jeopardy Game for Building a Better World Adventure

Building a better world
The Arrow of Light required adventure, Building a Better World, helps teach our Cub Scouts about participatory citizenship.  But before they can contribute to their communities and our country, the boys need to learn more about how our form of government works.

Building a Better World asks the boys to “learn” about the rights and duties of citizens and to “discuss” the concept of rule of law.  That sounds a bit like school, doesn’t it?

Instead of a boring lecture or a discussion with only blank stares, turn these activities into a fun competition. Continue reading

Post Holiday Boredom Busters: 10 Fun Things to Keep Kids Busy and Off Electronics

boredom busterSo, here’s what I’m hearing at my house.  “Mom, I’m bored!  The only fun thing to do is play on my electronics!”  Are you hearing that too?

I searched through my blog posts looking for activities that kids could do while they’re still out of school for the holidays.  These boredom buster games and activities aren’t just for Cub Scouts–they’ll keep all the kids busy.  Of course, your Cub Scout can earn credit for requirements and electives for completing them. Continue reading

How to Be More Helpful with the Joy Maker Challenge

joy maker challengeCongratulations to James Mar!  He’s the winner of the Hasbro toys.

Helpful is the third point of the Scout Law, and Cub Scouts are helpful through their community service projects.  Did you know that your Cub Scouts can help even more people through the Joy Maker Challenge?

Hasbro and GenerationOn have partnered to create the Joy Maker Challenge.  It’s simple.  For every child and teen who volunteers between November 21st  and December 23rd, Hasbro will donate a toy or game to Toys for Tots up to 1 million dollars’ worth.

The goal of the Joy Maker Challenge is to have 100,000 youth volunteers.  Currently, they’re at about 1/3 of that.  I believe Cub Scouts can help them reach that goal! Continue reading