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The Cub Scout Bobcat rank is the first rank earned by every boy who joins Cub Scouts. The Bobcat requirements are listed below.


1. Learn and say the Scout Oath, with help if needed.

2. Learn and say the Scout Law, with help if needed.

3. Show the Cub Scout sign. Tell what it means.

4. Show the Cub Scout handshake. Tell what it means.

5. Say the Cub Scout motto. Tell what it means.

6. Show the Cub Scout salute. Tell what it means.

7. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide—Bobcat Requirements.

Cub Scout Bobcat Cootie Catcher

Cub Scout Bobcat Cootie Catcher
Do you remember cootie catchers?  Some of you may know them as fortune tellers.  I used to love those things!  I remember playing with my oldest friend, Susan, when we attended Brandon Elementary School.  So fun!

Back in the day (and I’m not going to say how long ago that day was! HA!), we used these for fun.  Now, cootie catchers are being used as learning tools.  If you search for “cootie catchers” on Pinterest, you’ll find them for math, reading comprehension, an author’s purpose, the Bill of Rights, the scientific method, writing prompts and more. Continue reading

Cub Scout Six Essentials Game

Cub Scout Six Essentials GameIt’s important for our boys to know the Cub Scout Six Essentials for Hiking.  This is one of the first steps in teaching them how to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Just telling the boys about them is too passive–our Cub Scouts need to stay active. So Laura, our Wolf and Bear den leader, came up with this fun game to learn about and assemble the six essentials.

The boys in Laura’s dens accomplished three things with the game.  They:

  • Reviewed Bobcat requirements
  • Learned about and assembled the Cub Scout Six Essentials
  • Worked on the Wolf Adventure, Running with the Pack.

Continue reading

Printable Cub Scout Cards: Fun Resource

printable Cub Scout cardsI discovered this awesome printable Cub Scout cards on Etsy!  It is so cute, but in a rugged, Cub Scout way.  When I saw them, I knew they would be perfect to give to our Cub Scouts as we started the new year–especially the new Cub Scouts.

On a single page, you’ll find the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Cub Scout motto, the Outdoor Code, the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids, and the Scout slogan.  You can print the page and cut it so that you have individual cards for each of these.

The printable Cub Scout cards are a fun way to learn some of the things they need to know to earn their Bobcat rank.  The other boys can use them to review their Cub Scout basics.  Continue reading

Quizlet: Great Scout Oath and Law Review

Quizlet Set - Boy Scout LawHave your boys ever used Quizlet to study for a test?  It is an incredibly useful tool that our school told us about.  And it’s FREE!

The Quizlet website explains it like this:  “Quizlet is a free website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study and game modes. It was created by high school sophomore Andrew Sutherland in 2005 and now contains over 30 million study sets. All of the material is user-generated.”

A “study set” is pretty much a list of terms and definitions.  You can create your own or search for a set that someone else has created.  When my son was in fourth grade, I created one called “Tennessee Early History and Important People” to help him study for a social studies test.

My son has also created sets himself.  Just by typing the information, he’s studying! Continue reading

Use Webelos to Teach Tigers

Use Webelos to teach TigersTo help get our new Tiger den leader off to a good start, I led the first Tiger den meeting this year.  Boy, it brought back memories!  Little guys wanting to know if they were having snacks and what they were having for snack.  Tigers asking if it was time to go home even though we had just gotten started.  And my personal favorite–first graders saluting with their left hand!

Our pack made a change this year, and all of our dens meet on the same night at the same place (different rooms).  I took advantage of this and asked my Webelos 2s to help the new Tigers with their Bobcat requirements. Continue reading

Cub Scout Bobcat Requirements: Balloon Bust Game

Cub Scout Bobcat balloon bust game

Don’t you just love those cute little Tigers?  They are adorable!  But then you try to teach them the Cub Scout Bobcat requirements.  Between the boys asking when they’re going home and if they’re getting a snack, it’s hard to keep their attention!

We do have to remember they’re first graders, so it’s up to us to find fun ways for them to learn the important Bobcat requirements such as the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Continue reading

Cub Scout Activities: Scout Oath and Law Puzzle Game

Cub Scout Promise PuzzleTwo of the requirements for the Bobcat Badge are to say the Scout Oath with help if needed and to say the Scout Law with help if needed.  Over time, the boys will memorize both of these.

To help with this, I created an Oath and Law puzzle.  Not only can this activity be used to help the boys earn their Bobcat rank, it can also be used as a review for the older boys.  Continue reading