How to Get Your Cub Scout Handbooks Online

New Cub Scout Handbooks
NOTE:  The Boy Scouts of America made modifications to the Cub Scout Program effective December 2016.  The handbooks have NOT been updated yet.  However, you can download (or print) an addendum for each handbook.

The addenda give you all of the rank requirements, but they don’t provide any of the supporting information that your Cub Scouts will need.

As soon as the new versions of the handbooks are available, I’ll post links to them here.

People often search for a pdf or electronic version of the Cub Scout handbooks.  I’m excited to tell you that BSA has made the new Cub Scout handbooks and leader guides available in a Kindle version.

If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry!  There are free Kindle reader apps available for your tablet, smartphone or computer!  Just click on over to Amazon to download them.  I’ve been reading Kindle books on my iPad for years.

I love the fact that the new Cub Scout handbooks downloads are now available! 
As a Cub Scout parent, it’s great to be able to look up a requirement quickly.  And as a den leader, you can make sure you’ve covered all of the requirements if you don’t have your book handy.  Now, I don’t believe that these should take the place of the hard copy of the book for the boys, but it’s great to have the information available at your fingertips.

You can order these electronic handbooks by clicking on the images or the links below.  That will take you to Amazon through my affiliate link.

New Cub Scout Handbooks 2015Get the electronic version of the Tiger handbookNew Cub Scout Handbooks 2015Get the electronic version of the Wolf handbook

New Cub Scout Handbooks 2015Get the electronic version of the Bear handbook

New Cub Scout Handbooks 2015Get the electronic version of the Webelos/AOL handbook

Right now, use caution if you want to order the hard copies of the handbooks from Amazon.  Most (if not all) of the physical handbooks being sold on Amazon are through third party sellers, and many of them are still selling the old handbooks.  You want to make sure you get the new Cub Scout handbooks 2015.

If you can’t get to your local Scout Shop to pick up a physical copy of the book, you can order it online from Scout Stuff.

So, let me know what you think about the new handbooks!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. If you’re a leader, you can get your leader guide electronically too!  Check them out!

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51 thoughts on “How to Get Your Cub Scout Handbooks Online

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  4. Jean Fraser

    Are these links to a downloadable PDF handbooks still working? Sometimes my PC is quirky… but I’m not able to view any of the books….

    I would LOVE to be able to have an online view of each of the books. I have several families in my pack, that cannot afford to purchase new books every year… Would LOVE to be able to print off sample pages for those families!~

    I just signed myself up, I’m looking forward to scouting around your web site, and learning new things!

    thank you!!

    1. Sherry Post author

      Hi, Jean! Yes, they’re still working for me. Are you clicking on the links before the “P.S.” or the ones after? If you’re clicking on the ones above the P.S.” and they aren’t working for you, try this.

      Instead of left clicking on the link, try right clicking. Then select “save link as.” A box will pop up asking you where you want to save the file. Hopefully, that will work for you!

      Let me know if this works for you.

  5. Jean

    I took your advise and did a right click… “save target as”… and IT WORKED!
    Thank you , thank you!
    This means a lot to several families in our Pack!
    Jean F
    Cub Master Pack 438

  6. ScottyK

    Thanks for these links! I was able to copy the Wolf handbook to my son’s tablet, now he can read it anytime he wants and he loves that.

  7. Melissa Turner

    I believe that the above linked PDF for the Wolf Handbook is outdated. The hard copy handbook that we bought at the scout shop has many more achievements listed.

    1. Sherry Post author

      Hi, there! I just compared the online version to the copy that I bought for my son at the beginning of this summer, and I didn’t see any differences. The version I have is copyright 2003 and is a 2011 printing.

      Can you let me know what the differences are? I want to make sure that what I have is correct. You can either reply here or email me at

      Thanks so much for letting me know!

  8. Edward Schweiger

    Thanks for the PDFs on the handbooks I’m the COR and sometimes I get questions directed towards me and need to look up something but I don’t need to purchase all 4 books, these really come in handy for looking up a quick answer to a question…..

    1. Sherry Post author

      You know, I never thought about someone like a COR or even a CM or CC who might need to look something up for a rank they don’t work with! I’m going to share that idea on social media! Thanks for the heads up and for reading!

  9. Pollyanna Eyler

    Thanks for posting the legitimate book links. Many at the Council office thought they were illegal until I showed them one that I had found on but because of their url labeling system, I could never find the other Den books and had to resort to getting them from other Packs or Councils that had made private pdfs and I never felt good about handing those out to parents who can’t afford books. Appreciate you sharing this, and passed it along to those in need.

    1. Sherry Post author

      So glad it was helpful. Yes, I was a bit worried about that too, but since they were on, I knew it was ok to share.

      I never want money to be the reason a boy isn’t a Cub Scout, so thank you for passing this on! And thanks for reading!

      1. David

        I can understand why BSA would want you to stop offering the pdf downloads. But, if the pdfs are availble on, I can imagine it would be all right to post links to those. Do you have links to those you can post for us CubScoutIdea fans? Thanks.

          1. Jaimia

            That sucks. I’m sure they raised a stink about your links and removed the PDFs from their site as well because it meant they weren’t turning a profit from it. That is really selfish considering they have plenty of money for what they need, but there are so many families that struggle with the registration fees, pack dues, uniform expenses, and other activity costs, and yes, even the handbooks. Especially the parents with multiple kids. It can greatly affect a family’s financial situation enough to just drop out of scouts altogether. But BSA doesn’t care about all that. They just want to keep getting rich. We just put our son into scouts and I hope my personal opinion and wallet don’t make me change my mind later.

          2. Jess W. Speaker, III

            It was nice to be able to print a 8.5 by 11 copy of the book. It was easier for my son to read and also nice for teaching from.

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    1. Sherry Post author

      Oh, my! Thanks so much for letting me know. I talked to someone at the national BSA office, and I don’t we’re going to get them back. 🙁 But I’ll keep an eye out just in case we do.

  12. Sherry Post author

    Fortunately, I was able to find copies of the handbooks. They’ll only be used until next May, but hopefully, having them online will help your families this year!

  13. VIcki

    Do you think they will clearance out the old books for anyone who might want to use them for personal or supplemental purposes??

  14. VIcki

    Thank you for these links. I am glad to be able to have them on my kindle for those times when my son can’t remember where he put his book and we have to go to a meeting! 😉 Mama doesn’t lose her Kindle.

  15. Joel Sager

    This is unfortunate, I use these as a resource for planning purposes, I always buy the manuals but I find them much easier to search in PDF format. I wish they would reconsider having them online.

  16. Jen H

    I’m very thankful for this! I have two kids (a cub scout and a daisy). Between working 6 days a week and coming home to a mess, I’ve needed to purchase a second handbook chronically. This year I only have the one so far, but I found out Wednesday it has gone missing. Going into this morning I couldn’t find the Bear Handbook and NEEDED it (no stores are open). You are our hero!

  17. Stan

    Jaimia, spend your time with the local council and the pack or troop and you’ll know how silly it is to say the BSA is rich. If the organization had as much money as you think, the kids wouldn’t have to sell popcorn or run other events to raise money. It costs a lot to support a scout, and as the events get bigger (camping, boating, etc.) they go up.

    I spend a lot of time as a den leader and in other local pack committee roles. The parents that actually care about these kids know how much it takes, and many of us spend additional money outside of standard costs.

    Local councils also have plans in place for families in need. No boy should be unable to take part because of financial hardship. But unless you step in our shoes don’t assume what you don’t know.

    1. Joan

      I have to say this, my father contacted me about a district eagle award he had received. He was upset because it cost $700. This was awarded to him for some reason by the council.. If they can afford to give out $700 awards not counting silver beavers and other awards that are given out to mature scouters I think they could provide an online scout book for each level and stop pitching a fit.

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  19. Karla

    I am the Cub Master of our group. I have searched Pinterest on many different sites and for many different reasons. I like the set up of your site.
    Would you be willing to help me set up a site for my group?


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    1. Sherry Post author

      Yes, it is! And another cool thing is that you can take notes too. Then when you read back through the book, you’ll see a little box where your notes are!

      1. David Wilkinson

        Even though I have the new physical book for each rank, I just purchased the Kindle version for the Tiger and Bear. Pretty decent, not GREAT.

        I do like that I can copy from the Kindle PC application and paste into Word. That was helpful the other day while putting together some materials for our new Parent orientation.

        I think the hard copy is still the way to go for our boys but the Kindle version is great for leader reference.

  22. Scott

    Bummer that the Handbook PDFs aren’t available and they have opted to go Kindle only. I really don’t like the Kindle app. This also forces DRM, so every leader needs to drop $3 for a digital copy and they can’t be passed down. I found it useful to have all the books as PDF to reference when planning Pack activities. It is possible to get the info other ways, but not as easy. We still buy hard copies and hand those down, but they get a bit worn after a couple years.

    The new Den Leader Guides ARE available as a PDF, but requires some extra hoops to jump through. Each Adventure has to be downloaded separately. This is still good, because my hardcopy of the Webelos Leader Guide is missing some pages, and the issue is corrected in the Learning Library PDFs.

  23. Ranae Hawkins

    Useful analysis , I was enlightened by the details . Does someone know where my assistant would be able to get a fillable Eagle Scout Service Project Worksheet – Boy Scouts of America document to work with ?


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