Cub Scouts: Bird Feeders for Kids to Make

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Welcome to part 2 of our “bird feeders for kids to make” seriesPart 1 explained how to make a very simple feeder using a toilet paper roll.  In this part, we’ll cover how to construct a bird feeder from a soda bottle.

Having a homemade bird feeder in your backyard can help fulfill Wolf Adventure Paws on the Path 7 and Webelos & Arrow of Light Adventure Into the Wild 3 & 6


Boys could also use them as gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a parent’s birthday.

This fun and easy bird feeder craft uses a soda bottle, a wooden spoon, a small eye screw and some string. The idea came from Spoonful. Their directions call for using a one liter bottle, but a 16 or 20 ounce bottle works fine. If you use the smaller bottle, you’ll only need to use one spoon.

Bird Feeder BottleUsing a marker, draw an asterisk on one side of the bottle about an inch from the bottom. On the opposite side of the bottle, draw a circle about 1 inch in diameter. Parents, you’ll use a craft knife and carefully cut along the lines of the asterisk. Cut out the circle.

Eye screw in cap

Take the cap off of the bottle, and screw the eye screw into it.  You may need to use something with a sharp point to make a little indention in the cap to get the eye screw started.

Insert the handle of the wooden spoon into the circle, through the bottle and out through the asterisk slits.

Carefully pour the bird seed into the bottle. Using a funnel might be a good idea!  Screw the lid onto the bottle, run a piece of string through the eye screw and hang it from a tree branch.

soda bottle bird feederWatch for the birds to perch on your spoon for a little snack!  🙂

Bird Feeders for Kids to Make Series
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