Thank You for Reading Cub Scout Ideas! + A Giveaway

thank you for reading cub scout ideas

I don’t say this often enough, but thank you so much for reading Cub Scout Ideas! I really appreciate you taking time to visit the site.

Many of you have told me how helpful the site is for you. Your kind words mean so much to me!

So, I decided it was time to have a giveaway to let you know how much I appreciate you.

scout stuff gift card

I’m giving away a $25 gift card to Scout Stuff, Boy Scout’s online store!

If you’ve never checked it out, head on over. They have some awesome stuff.  Be sure you look at the clearance items.  I’ve found some gems there.

Here’s how to enter.  Visit the Scout Stuff website, and find something you would want to use the gift card to buy.

Then head back over, tell me what you found by commenting below, and then (this part’s important!) enter by clicking on “leave a blog post comment” in the box below.

The giveaway ends on May 12th.  I’ll email the winner on May 13th.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is picked.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to share this giveaway with your Cub Scout friends. Thanks again for reading the blog!

Yours in Scouting,

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126 thoughts on “Thank You for Reading Cub Scout Ideas! + A Giveaway

  1. Tracy

    So hard to decide but I’d either use it to by my son a Boy Scout uniform top or some badge magic or possible give to my Pack so they can use it to help buy the boys uniform piece for crossover.

    1. D. Schott

      I might get the “Official Cub Scouts® Leader Ladies’ Fit Short-Sleeve Uniform Blouse” Love the yellow.

  2. Gretchen Kellaway

    If I won, I would use the gift card to buy coin gifts for my leaders and special volunteers who really help me run my Pack. I try to get them a special gift every year and this year I have so many I appreciate that this would help me so much.

  3. Kristina

    I love your blog and thank you for all you do! We rechartered our Unit that had folded before my oldest son was in our school. We are in a low income area and every student in our school district receives free breakfast and free lunch everyday through a grant program. I recently attended a Woodbadge training and one of my ticket items was to create a scholarship program for boys that normally wouldn’t have scouting opportunities available to them. We have had a few donors for registration fees and dues, but part of our program was creating a Uniform closet for every boy to at least have a shirt and neckerchief. I would use a gift card to contribute towards purchasing a uniform shirt to add to our collection for those families that can’t afford one In their own. Our family and a few others in our pack have created opportunities for several boys and families that never considered Scouting.

  4. Megan R

    I would use it for my Den! They are crossing over to wolves in May and would love to give them some sort of accomplishment ribbon and a scout sticker!

  5. Jodi Howell

    I would love to get my son’s tiger book and the guide to order of the arrow. There are too many awesome things at this store

  6. Britta

    Anything for my Cub Scout. We just stared so a vest would be nice for all those patches we’ve been getting 🙂

  7. Lauren Reinboldt

    I love your ideas!! I would use it to by little draw backpacks for my tigers that are crossing over in June

  8. Bob Long

    I would buy the pocket guidebooks for Animal Tracks and Trees and Binoculars to get my Cub Scouts outdoor more and discovering more!

  9. Bridget Arnold

    Thank you for your site!

    My son just crossed over to Boy Scouts, so I would use the card to purchase some of the merit badge booklets!

  10. Janel Thomas

    I would invest in a green hat for those days I just don’t want to do my hair, but I must be in uniform. 🙂

  11. Andrew R Johnson

    I think I would buy my webelos a tan scout uniform. And I might buy myself the campaign hat as well while I’m there…

  12. Michelle Nelson

    Wow lots to choose from. Most likely would pick some supplies up for the entire package to some kind of kit or craft kits.

  13. Chris Prendiville

    I would love to have the “Real Mom’s Camp” t-shirt! Thanks for all that you do! I have so many of your idea’s saved and use a lot of them!


    I would get him the Backcountry Game – Appalachian Trail Edition. Many children get themselves lost in unfamiliar outdoor settings & I think it would be a great step in learning survival skills. Plus he can share it with with the whole Den!

  15. Julie laurent

    The cub scout camping chair is what I would buy. Can never have enough folding chairs for camping with the pack.

  16. Thomas DeLuca

    I’m fortunate that I can afford the Scouting program for my two sons. If I were to win this drawing, I’d quietly gift it to one of the families in need in my Pack who could seriously use some assistance in buying their son a uniform so he could feel like he (‘really’) belongs.

    1. Julie

      I believe they have scholarships for uniforms. Just check with local district to apply. Same with day camp and other stuff.

  17. Alfred Isassi

    Cub Scout™ School Bag
    Item: 613242

    Is the item I would use the gift card on for my Scout Ethan.

  18. Blanca

    Definitely buy Cub Scout gift for den parents. They’re the ones who make my scouting experience as a leader a blast by supporting our den in participating alongside their scouts.. 😉

  19. Melissa

    I would love to get the Scouting Marbles for the Bears in our pack who just earned their Marble Madness adventure.

  20. Matt Clotfelter

    I would get the cub scout lightweight sleeping bag. My cub would love to have one of those.

  21. Christy Patterson

    I would buy a cap for myself, for those early mornings on a camp out to hide my “camp hair” and some leather-working projects for my cubs!

  22. Patty

    I like the medallions:
    Wood Badge
    Eagle Staff

    thanks, love your stories and information.

  23. Sherri

    A webelos neckerchief and slide for my Scout and me as the leader! We are ranking up in May! So exciting.

  24. Katie

    I would use it to buy the S”more Summer Fun, ‘Den Meeting in a Box’® – we would use it in the backyard this summer when my Bear pack comes over for backyard camping. : )

  25. Robert Rousseau

    I would want to get one of these Katadyn® Hiker Microfilter to purify water while backpacking.

  26. Amy Hartke

    I would love to use the CampMaid® Outdoor Grill 3-Piece Combo Set. Thank you for your blog and all the great ideas!


  27. Andrea Estes

    YayLabs!™ Ice Cream Ball―1-Quart I would love to eat it towards this. My boys would think this is cool.

  28. Brian Conner

    I’ve got a few of the Light My Fire mess kits, but need another for my other son who is going into Webelos this year.

  29. Dorina Green

    Always looking for small rewards for my den, like stickers, pencils, etc. With 12 boys, I could use a gift card!
    Thanks for all you do for Cub Scouting. Your blogs/website are so helpful!

  30. Gwen Druckrey

    I could really use a couple of those 2013 Jamboree® Expandable Carry-On Bags for hauling around all my Cub Scout stuff.

  31. Maggie Douglas

    There are so many items I’d love to get, but I’d probably have to go practical and get the tan shirt my almost Webelos son will need soon! They grow too fast!!!

  32. Cindy

    Love your blog and ideas! If I won the gift card I’d want to get my son a webelo shirt because he’s moving up!

  33. Elisa

    I would love to use the gift to buy my son his new Wolf hat (he is completing his Tiger year and will be a Wolf soon!) Thank you.

  34. Khristine

    Your blog was so helpful to me a couple of years ago when I was brand new to Scouting. I am still a faithful reader. I share Cub Scout Ideas with other new Scouting parents and I always get the same positive reaction. Thanks!

  35. Danielle

    I would probably let my son choose, but after recently crossing over to Boy Scouts, he may need a few things, but one of those hammocks look really cool!

  36. Nicole Melnick

    I recently moved to and state and could use a new leader shirt with new unit numbers and a council patch.

  37. Amy Holland

    If I won, I’d use this to get my soon to be cub scout a shirt for in the fall. He will be a 1st grader finally. He’s so excited to finally be able to participate.

  38. Eileen Thomas

    I would really like the charm bracelet but my den is crossing over to Boy Scouts next year and this would help me to buy them each a special gift for all of their hard work! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  39. Chris Miller

    I would purchase a size small Cub Scout uniform shirt to put into our Pack’s pool of loaner shirts to be used by boys on “Scoutership”. We are always in short supply of small and mediums.

  40. Christa Killgore

    I would either get switchback pants for my son, or something to contribute to the uniform closet at our pack.

  41. Dawn Cooley

    I’ve been cub scouting for 10 years and last year my youngest moved on to boy scouts. Our pack was stuggling so i offered to be the Webelos den leader only heres the catch, I’ve never been a den leader! I was the committe chair for 10 years! lol Your site is wonderful and if i win I use it to buy my very owe Webelos handbook and a leader guide. Thank you for the chance to win!

  42. Brenda C.

    I think I would buy my son a scout coin. He is a coin collector and this would be a nice item to add to his collection. Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  43. bob gordon

    What I found under the Closeout section was a Summit Medallion Clock (Item: 613544). It will make a perfect gift for a great retiring Cubmaster who brought his pack back to life after being virtually dead for a number of years.

  44. Natasha

    I would get my Tiger going Wolf some new socks 🙂 Can’t have those orange rimmed socks on a Wolf now can I?
    Thank you for the give away opportunity.

  45. Mellanie Goldsmith

    I would use the gift card to purchase a new camp stove for our unit. The old one is in seriously bad condition!

  46. Brenda S

    I would like to use the money towards the Katadyn Hiker Microfilter. I think it would be fun to go on our hikes be able to show the scouts the filter and have them experience it as well.

  47. Karen Twiggs

    Would love to buy a newly crossed over Web 1 his shirt. His parents can’t afford one and I’m trying to help him out by piecing together his uniform.

  48. Katrina

    It will be hard to decide, but will probably get some books for the Troop library, get the Stem book for cub scouts too

  49. Amara Swan

    I can’t decide which of the scrapbooking items I would get, but the kits look great! It would be a toss up on something for my scout or something for me – this could be for both of us!


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