How to Make Awards for Heroes

my hero plaqueHaving heroes is important for kids.

In fact, some experts believe that heroes can help with character development. Some of the values that heroes exhibit are courage, honesty, civility, perseverance, loyalty, self-restraint, compassion, tolerance, fairness, respect for individuals, and responsibility.

I believe this is why BSA included adventures about heroes for Wolves (Hometown Heroes) and Webelos/Arrows of Light (Build My Own Hero). Both adventures start with identifying what it means to be a hero. This is a good opportunity to discuss why those traits are important.

One of the requirements for Build My Own Hero involves recognizing a local hero by presenting him with an award. Our boys made awards by decorating simple wooden plaques with supplies that I had on hand.

If you need a fun activity to use when you talk about what makes a hero, try making a hero “sandwich.”

Although the Hometown Heroes adventure doesn’t require that the Wolf Cub Scouts make an award, they do have to interview their hero. Wouldn’t it be great for the boys to present an award to their hero during the interview?

Supplies You’ll Need for My Hero Awards

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How to Make

The first thing I did was email parents and asking them to bring a hot glue gun and to plan on staying to operate it. These kids are 5th graders, but I didn’t want to risk it.

Check the plaques to see if you need to sand the edges a bit. I only sanded the spots that looked like a splinter could come off.

Spray paint the plaques. Note to self: Try to paint stuff before the day you need it!

painted hero award plaques

At the meeting, the boys decorated their plaques any way they wanted to! Some of them were very creative.       My hero award plaques

The Cub Scout who decorated this plaque added two brads to construct a trophy–the kind that has the handles on either side. Very clever!

my hero plaque

Mr. Caballero got three plaques!  Later that week, I stopped by the principal’s office to tell her about Mr. C (as he’s called). I wanted her to know what an impact he is having on the kids in our community. We’re grateful that we have heroes like Mr. C.

What kinds of awards have your Cub Scouts presented to their heroes?

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. I ran across this cool book, 50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Know. Looks like it would be a great read for our boys.

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