5 Super Fun and Simple Cub Scout Games

Five Cub Scout GamesThis post was sponsored by the Genius of Play.  As always, the opinions are my own.

My son’s Cub Scout den loves to go outside to play!  We’re all trying hard to “put the outing back in Scouting,” and playing Cub Scout games outside before or after a den meeting counts.

Sometimes, it’s hard to think of a game they can play that’s simple and fun.  That’s where the folks at the Genius of Play can help!  Their website has 6 fun activities that make perfect Cub Scout games to play outdoors.  

I wrote about the Genius of Play in the past, so make sure you check out their suggestions for gathering activities, den games and adventure fun.


Red Rover – I get a little nostalgic when I think about Red Rover.  I can still hear “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Sherry right over.”  I remember the triumph I felt as I broke through the clasped hands of the other team.   Who am I kidding?!?  I remember dangling from those clasped hands because I couldn’t break through!  🙂

Red Rover requires no equipment other than some Cub Scouts, and it’s easy to explain if the boys don’t already know the rules.  It’s a great den game, but I’m not sure I would play it with a pack.  I can’t see many Tigers breaking through the hands of those Arrows of Light (aka second year Webelos).

Crab Crawl Race – Split your boys into two teams, and have them race each other doing the Crab Crawl.  Mark a starting point and a turning point.  Each boy crab crawls to the turning point and back then tags his teammate to start his turn.

Doing the crab crawl isn’t as easy as it seems.  For younger boys, don’t put your turning point too far away.  Otherwise, you run the risk of them getting tired and not being able to get back to the starting line.

Capture the Flag – The only equipment you need for this Cub Scout game is hanging around their necks–a neckerchief makes the perfect flag!

It may look like utter chaos when the boys are playing Capture the Flag, but they all know what they’re doing.  They’re working together to overcome obstacles to achieve a goal–just like we have to do every day in life.

Quicksand – Since you’ll be playing Quicksand outside, you’ll want to use something other than pillows for your stepping stones!  Newspapers would work great, but you may need to gather some rocks to anchor them if it’s windy.

How far apart you space your stepping stones will depend on the age of your Cub Scouts. The Tigers can’t jump as far as the Webelos!

Grab the Bacon – Neckerchief = Bacon for this game.  Who knew how versatile those neckerchiefs could be!

Keeping score for Grab the Bacon is a great job for your den chief.  In fact, he can help lead all of these games.  And I would let him demonstrate the Crab Crawl instead of me!


It’s easy to think that play is nothing but entertainment for our kids, but it’s so much more than that.  In this post, I shared with you the six important benefits of play.  All of these are crucial to a child’s development.

Cub Scout games from Genius of Play

Take a look at this screenshot from one of the game pages on the Genius of Play website. Notice the symbols that I’ve circled in red?  These indicate the developmental benefit that the game or activity involves.

What I like about these six Cub Scout games is that they all have multiple benefits, and they go a long way toward giving the boys a “balanced diet of play.”  Developing all of these skills helps create a well-rounded young man.

The folks at the Genius of Play post ideas and suggestions on their social media channels too. Check them out!

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Head over to the Genius of Play website, and bookmark it.  It’s a great resource for Cub Scout games and activities!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.  If you found this resource helpful, please share it with your friends (and use the hashtag #GeniusOfPlay)!

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