Campfire Date Night + Giveaway

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so it’s the perfect time to start making plans to celebrate with your loved ones.  Since we love our readers, a few of my blogger friends and I have joined together to show our love with some fun Valentine’s Day ideas and giveaways!

My idea is to celebrate Valentine’s Day in front of a romantic campfire.  But it’s on a Tuesday.  In February.  That means most of us probably won’t be camping.

You can still snuggle outside by a warm fire if you have a chiminea or fire pit.  I think that counts as a campfire even if there isn’t a tent in the background.  🙂

If you don’t have either, but you want to enjoy a fire, check out this portable fire pit (through my affiliate link) which can be set up in your backyard.  One of the reviewers said he used it on a Cub Scout campout!

Regardless of the kind of campfire you use, I want to help you have an awesome one.  So, I’m giving away a $25 gift card to REI!  Keep reading to find out how to enter the giveaway.

Make sure you click over to visit my friends’ blogs.  You can enter their giveaways and read their Valentine’s Day tips!  Here are the links to their giveaways:

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There are two ways to enter my giveaway:

  1. Tell me your favorite outdoor activity in a comment
  2. Visit my Facebook page

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some screenshots of where you should click so that your entry will be recorded properly.

The giveaway will end at the end of the day on February 5th, and the winner will be contacted on February 6th.

I look forward to hearing what your favorite activities are!

Yours in Scouting,

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190 thoughts on “Campfire Date Night + Giveaway

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  2. Nancy Loring

    Now that we have snow I enjoy snowshoeing. It is so peaceful and I definitely get a workout after a few hours of snowshoeing.


  4. Kayley

    I love hiking!!

    And someone else mentioned snowshoeing – I will be moving to a snowy place soon and hope to give snowshoeing a try. 😀

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  7. Shelli Davis-Redford

    I just love being outdoors. If I’m with my husband and kids, I love to go Camping: nature trails, archery, and making S’mores. If it’s just me, I enjoy going to the gardens and walking around. I’ll find a cozy spot, close my eyes, and just listen. The sounds of nature can be so relaxing and peaceful.

  8. Richard

    For this year my kids wanted to do something new so what we’re going to do is take them out and look for deer antlers during the rut hopefully this will spark their imagination and their love for nature

  9. Jenn Richter

    My favorite thing to do is enter the world of the woods with my son. At 8 he is an outdoorsman to the max and thrives between the walls of the oak trees…even while getting poison ivy!

  10. Sharon K

    That’s a hard one! I love so many outdoor activities. If I have to pick one then I would say camping. It really makes me feel close to nature.

  11. Stacy

    My favorite outdoor activity is by far camping, however Geocaching with my boys is equally my favorite! We have visited many historical locations searching for caches, unscrambling puzzles and riddles, and have spent hours “off the beaten path!”

  12. Karen C

    My fave thing to do at camp is just being outdoors, becoming one with nature and you can’t beat sitting around a campfire. That is how great memories are created.

  13. Mary

    My favorite outdoor activity would definitely be swimming! Followed up with walking on the beach, camping, and sitting around a campfire with friends.

  14. Dee Goodman

    It is too hard to pick just one favorite activity outdoors but just about all have to do with something near or on the water. Since we are lucky enough to live in Florida, that means lots of beach things like swimming, fishing, flying kites just about year round. We are also close to natural springs so we get crystal clear water to swim, fish, canoe, or go hiking near. It is just a blessing to be outdoors enjoying nature with my family and passing on the tradition of outdoor fun I learned from my grandparents.

  15. Nicole

    My fave activity (that is not likely to be repeated) is sleeping under the stars around the campfire, in a swag in the Australian outback. (It actually happened! I have pictures!) best night of sleep ever, and you could see the Milky Way.

  16. Douglas Lindstrom

    Astronomy is my favorite outdoor activity. The last time we were sky watching my 8yo scout saw a satellite with his naked eyes. I thought he was silly when he said he saw a UFO, but sure enough, I saw it too. Very cool.


    We like going for a walk during sunset after dinner. Costs us nothing but its so nice to just walk and talk with the one you love 🙂

  18. Jace McConnell

    I love all the outdoors have to offer from camping to hiking even conservation projects. I’m a Scoutmaster but I went back to our Pack to help with the lion pilot program. It’s my favorite part of the outdoors to see new scouts experience things the never have done before. The wide eyed wonder and enthusiasm of the new boys is priceless.

    Jace McConnell
    Troop/Pack 406

  19. Emily Ravsten

    Our family loves to camp and then I love to hike while camping. My kids don’t like the hiking so much. They love the fire pit and marshmallow roasting the best!

  20. Jennifer Parrish

    We love to hike and camp as individuals and as a family. We go religiously with our pack as well. Since we have moved we like being able to get out and explore the world around us. We encourage this of our children to let them know that the world is theirs to explore and protect. We follow you on Facebook and weven receive your emails.

  21. Terri Moser

    Crayons are not just for kindergarten! I love to buy a box of 64 Crayons for my Den. Our goal is through out the year to try and find one thing in nature that matches each color in the box! I have been doing Cub Scouts for a pretty long time (since my oldest son was 8 and he is 36 now:)) and my Cub Scouts have accomplished this 3 times!!!! They really enjoy and I know that some boys have gotten their families involved trying it too!

  22. Mark

    My favorite outdoor activity is sitting on the porch in the evening reading a book and listening to the birds (and eventually seeing the bats flit around). Second to that would be hiking with the family.

  23. Melissa Dunham

    My favorite outdoor activity is star gazing. My dream is to go to one of the no light places and go camping. The feeling of being so tiny in such a vast sea of life is an incredible humbling feeling.

  24. Melissa Dunham

    That has to be my favorite part of scouts and children in general. It is a unique feeling to see them learn and discover new things and to know you were a part of doing that with them.

  25. Blanca

    My all time favorite outdoor activity is hiking in search of hudden waterfalls, and living in Northern VA, makes this activity so fun!

  26. Dave Aronson

    Camping and relaxing in the outdoors, disconnecting from the digital life and watching the boys invent new things with sticks.

  27. Gina H

    My family’s favorite outdoor activity is geocaching. Last year, the kids did the “Ice Cream Trail” in Maryland (what a nice incentive), geocaching along the way. They attended “Cachestock” and are up to five of their own geocaches. It’s is a GREAT way to get in outdoor activity and appreciation of nature!

  28. Natasha Haas-Williams

    Living in Portland leaves very few winter days to enjoy camping- unless soggy camping is something you are into…
    So this Valentines I have a couple small yet thoughtful gifts to give to my two main men- My Tiger Scout and my hubby! I asked my little to go on a movie date with me to see Batman Lego movie however since Tuesday is shaping up to be a busy night for theaters I believe we may convert the coffee table into a dining table, set it with a table cloth, some candles and light a fire in our fireplace. Play some Jenga or even watch some “dude flicks” while we have a dinner- not sure what yet… but since I love cooking I am sure it will be special!

    Right now, I can only dream about camping and hurry up with finishing up details for a dual Den camping trip… since our Committee Chair didnt like the idea of planning a Pack Family Campout on Mothers Day weekend…. I may be one of the few scout moms that thinks it would be AWESOME to wake up family camping with some awesome scouts on Mommy’s day. Oh well *sigh*
    Back to dreaming of camping.

    Oh- and what would I do with an REI card? We are REALLY in need of a new family mess kit AND a new dual burner camp stove. I would surely use it against one of those two items- because for me, making a great meal in the wonderful outdoors sounds pretty sweet right now!

  29. Julie Robertson

    Our family loves to go camping and hiking. In the last five years we have visited all 5 National Parks in Utah, all 42 Utah State Parks, and 5 of 7 Utah National Monuments. We love to explore our great state.

  30. Gayle Vaughn

    We love camping and hiking! We’re also big into biking so it’s tough to narrow down on one favorite outdoor activity!

  31. Brian

    Quite honestly, my favorite outdoor activity to do with the Cub Scouts is walking in parades. I love seeing the boys in their uniforms and the attention they get as they walk past the crowds.

    Probably my second favorite activity is our annual Fishing Derby. I’m not a huge fisherman (o.k., not at all), but I love watching the boys have contests how many fish they can catch and watching the fishermen-fathers teaching the boys about fishing.

  32. Donna Ganas

    My favorite outdoor activity is visiting Florida’s state parks, especially ones I’ve not visited yet. There is always so much to do: hiking, kayaking, swimming in the springs, beaches, gardens, and wildlife viewing!

  33. Andrea

    In the summer I love to bike and in the winter I love to snowshoe. I just got a paddle board for Christmas so that may become my new favorite activity.

  34. Sandyscouter

    Our favorite activity is looking at the stars on a clear night. We also love camping, Dutch oven cooking and “Caveman cooking” (utensil-less)–on a flat rock, or using tinfoil, sticks or the vegetables like cooking in onion skins or peppers or cakes in orange peels, etc. in a fire pit. I wish I could post a picture of some of the things we have cooked. They are pretty awesome.

  35. Rayel

    Our family has two favorites. Star gazing and hiking. We like to spend time outside just looking at everything we can find.

  36. April

    My favorite outdoor activity is camping! 🙂 We’re in Texas and two days ago it was 82 degrees so we MIGHT be able to pull off camping in February — just not on a Tuesday! 🙂

  37. Tara

    I love going hiking and camping. There is a organization called Hike It Baby for moms to get out with their babies and little kids which has been a nice change from the more challenging hikes I do with my scout-age boys. It also helps me find some fun hikes for my cubs!

  38. Khristine Cloud

    MY favorite activity PERIOD is hiking. Especially when the trail is deserted and it is quiet enough to watch the birds and critters. My son and I are budding birders and it is so much fun to point out a bird we have recently learned or pull out our Peterson’s guide and learn a new one. We have even inspired a few new birders in his den on den hikes and that has been fun. But my FAMILY would tell you they like anything involving water; beaches, rivers, springs and we are lucky enough to have them all in Florida.

  39. Brian Marks

    Kayaking with our dog “Scout” the Chessie. He almost needs his own boat though. We love to kayak as a family. So peaceful and fun.

  40. Tami Vollenweider

    My favorite outdoor activity is getting to spend time cooking on the grill and just sit around and chill!


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