Cub Scout Shooting Sports Guide

Cub Scout Shooting Sports GuideYou may have read my earlier post about the Cub Scout Shooting Sports awards.  Now BSA has released the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Guide.

The guide gives you information about the purpose of the awards.  You’ll find “teaching tips” for each of the awards and materials you can use while you’re teaching.  For example, there is a BB gun sighting chart and a diagram showing the types of archery bows.

The updates to the shooting sports program have implemented rank-specific targets for BB gun shooting.  I like this addition because the bulls-eye area for Tigers is much bigger than in the past, giving those little guys a better chance of making one.

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You’ll want to check out Appendix 2!  It gives you fun activities like a cracker shoot for BBs and archery tic-tac-toe.

One thing that did not change is the requirement that shooting sports can only take place at a district or council event.  You cannot have a pack-level shooting sports event.

The guide can be found on the website or you can download it directly from the link below.

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Guide

Be sure to pass this on to anyone in your group who is involved in shooting sports!

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P.S.  Read more about the new shooting sports awards!

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