What is a Scout “Unit”?

Sleeve Insignia for Cub Scouts

Scouting, like most activities, has its own jargon.  Until you learn the “talk,” you’re probably going to feel overwhelmed.

As a new Cub Scout parent, the thing that confused me the most at first was when I was asked for my Scout unit number. I knew we were members of a den and that our den was part of a pack, but a “unit”?

A unit is simply a generic term used in Scouting to describe an organized group of boys. For Cub Scouts, a pack is the unit. For Boy Scouts, the troop is the unit. For Venturing, it’s a crew.

Your den (and the other dens in your area) will be part of a pack and will have a pack number. That pack number is your Scout unit number.

At first, I had to look at my son’s uniform shirt to remember what our pack number was!  The pack number is worn on the left sleeve below the council patch.  In the picture, the unit number would be 12.

So, when I call my council office, they’ll ask for my unit number rather than my pack number because I may not have told them I’m calling about Cub Scouts. This makes it so much easier than asking for your “pack, troop or crew number”.  Just remember, all they want is your pack number!

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Image taken from Tiger Cub, Wolf Cub Scout, and Bear Cub Scout Inspection Sheet

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