Cool Camping Card Game: Toasted or Roasted Review

toasted or roasted camping card gameIn my post about S’mores, I mentioned a game called Toasted or Roasted (which you can purchase through my Amazon affiliate link).  I wanted to share more about the game and our experience playing it.

My Webelos Grant and I have played it a couple of times, and we had a blast!  The game is simple and quick to play.  It comes in a plastic zip top bag, so you can take it on your camping trip without worrying that it will get wet.

The object of the game is to be the first to roast three marshmallows.  You do this through a few steps that you complete if you draw the right cards!

  • Start your fire with a Fire Starter Card.
  • Put a raw Marshmallow Card to put on your toasting stick.
  • Toast your marshmallow with a Toasted Card.

Toasted or Roasted Card GameAfter you’ve toasted one marshmallow, you can turn your Toasting Stick Disk over to use the two pronged Toasting Fork.  This allows you to toast two marshmallows at once.

Toasted or Roasted Card GameSounds pretty easy, right?  Not so fast!  While you’re working your way through the tasks to toast the marshmallows, you have to watch out for your opponents!

They may thwart your efforts by putting out your campfire with a Strong Wind Card or a Rain Card.  And the worst–they can burn your marshmallow to a crisp with the Roasted! card.  There is some solace in remembering that you can do the same to them!  🙂

I asked Grant what he liked best about Toasted and Roasted.  He said, “What I thought was best about the game was that you get to mess up your parents by blowing out their fire.”

Toasted or Roasted card game
My formidable competitor!

He loves winning when we play games.  To be honest, I’m not sure if he loves to win or just loves to beat us!

When I asked him what he liked least, Grant said, “What I liked the least about it is that it’s hard to shuffle the cards, so sometimes you never get your fire started because the other person has strong wind or rain.”  The cards are like any deck of cards–they’re stiff and hard to shuffle until you’ve played with them for a while.  I think Grant just wanted to blame his loss on the card shuffling.

The instructions were a bit confusing.  We weren’t sure when you can play certain cards.  For example, the Strong Wind Card is only played during another player’s turn, but the Rain Card and the Roasted! Card can only be played during your turn.

The game has a Picnic Table which holds the draw pile and the discard pile.  It has a tool box area, and we didn’t understand how to use that area.  In fact, you don’t really need the Picnic Table to play the game–just set up your own piles of cards.  Without the Picnic Table, the packaging could be much smaller.

Toasted or Roasted is for ages 6 and up, but I believe that younger kids can play with some help from Mom or Dad.  It’s for 2 to 4 players which makes it ideal for my family.  My husband and older son don’t like to play games as much as Grant and I do, so we can still play when they don’t want to.

What’s great about Toasted or Roasted:toasted or roasted card game

      • Quick to play
      • Awesome outdoor theme
      • Fun for kids and adults
      • Easy to beat parents (well, this is a plus according to Grant!)

What could be improved:

      • Instructions are somewhat unclear
      • Without the Picnic Table, packaging could be smaller

Grant and I had a great time playing Toasted or RoastedWe highly recommend it if your family likes to play games.

If you’re looking for a unique twist on your camping card games, you can purchase Toasted or Roasted through my Amazon affiliate link.  I think your family will love it.

Have you played Toasted or Roasted?  Leave a comment and let me know how you liked it!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.  Read my post about S’mores here!

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  1. Jeff Johnston November 11, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    Hi, Sherry. Glad you and Grant had fun. You use the Toolbox area when you discard an unused Firestarter. If there’s one there you can draw the Firestarter as your entire turn instead of drawing from the deck.


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