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hiking combined activitiesWhen the Cub Scout Sports and Academics program was discontinued, I (along with a lot of other folks) was concerned about how we would find activities that boys of different ranks could complete together.

But as we’ve started implementing the new Cub Scout program, I realized there are many activities that can be combined.  The requirements are not exactly the same, but with a bit of planning, your dens can complete them.

Camping is one example of this.  When you’re camping, have a campfire program and cook outdoors, and most of your boys can check off requirements.

Hiking is also an activity that can be done with multiple ranks completing their specific requirements.  I’ve put together two documents to help you with this.  The first outlines the tasks that should be completed before the hike, and the second tells what you should do while on the hike.

Click on the images to download the resources.

Tigers and Wolves could complete their pre-hiking activities just before the hike, but it’s probably best to have a den meeting to focus on these–especially the discussion about why we need each of the Cub Scout Six Essentials for Hiking.  Webelos will need time to make their hike plan.

For all of the ranks, it’s smart to review the Buddy System before heading out on the trail.  Make sure that all the boys know who their buddy is!

Feel free to share these resources with other Cub Scout packs and families you know!  And don’t forget to send them to your hiking coordinator!  😉

Pre-Hiking Activities for Cubs

Hiking Activities for Cubs

Yours in Scouting

P.S.  Would your boys enjoy making their own hiking stick?  Read the instructions here!

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2 thoughts on “Cub Scout Hiking

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  2. Carolyn Harbison

    Thank you so much for all that you do. I used your ideas and suggestions while I was Cubmaster with great success. Now I’m Assistant Roundtable Commissioner for the Cub Breakout. I raised girls! Your website is a great resource for me. Oh, I got into scouting because of my 5 grandsons (no granddaughters……yet :o)


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