Outdoor Cooking Ideas for Cub Scouts

camping cookbook grilling recipesIf you’re looking for some new outdoor cooking ideas, you’ll want to grab this awesome camping cookbook called Campfire Grilling Recipes.  It’s available through my Amazon affiliate linkAnd right now, it’s FREE!
Unfortunately, the book is no longer free, but it’s still a great deal!

I don’t know how long it will remain free, but it looks like the regular price is only 99 cents.  I downloaded and reviewed the book today, and it’s well worth 99 cents.

The great thing is that you don’t have to have a Kindle!  You can download a free Kindle reader app to read Kindle books on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

As I was looking at the yummy recipes, I kept thinking that many of them would take outdoor campfire cooking to the next level!

Two of my favorite recipes from the book are Flintstone Steak & Lemony Asparagus and Lime-Drizzled Fish Tacos.  They both sound so sophisticated compared to the burgers, hot dogs and hobo meals that you usually have on camping trips.

In fact, I’m thinking I can make both of these recipes using the grill on my patio–no campfire required.  But I do believe I’ll pass on the Blueberry Pork Belly recipe.  🙂

There are several outdoor cooking recipes that our boys will love.  Chicken Bacon Tootsies, Cheesy Corn Dogs and Pizza on the Vertical will be my sons’ favorites.  For dessert, we’ll all have the Chocolate-Rice Krispies Marshmallows.

The new Cub Scout adventures include cooking requirements for both Bears and Webelos/AoL.  These outdoor cooking recipes can be used to fulfill them.

Bear Required Adventure – Bear Necessities 5:  With your den, plan a cooked lunch or dinner that is nutritious and balanced. Make a shopping list, and help shop for the food. On a campout or at another outdoor event, help cook the meal, and help clean up afterward.

Bear Required Adventure – Bear Necessities 6:  Help your leader or another adult cook a different meal from the one you helped prepare for requirement 5. Cook this meal outdoors.

Bear Elective Adventure – Bear Picnic Basket 2b:  With the help of an adult, select one food item and follow a recipe to prepare it outdoors for your family or den. Clean up after the preparation and cooking.

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure – Castaway 1b:  On a campout with your den or family, cook two different recipes that do not require pots and pans. If your chartered organization does not permit Cub Scout camping, you may substitute a family campout or a daylong outdoor activity with your den or pack.

The outdoor cooking recipes in Campfire Grilling Recipes don’t require pots or pans, so it’s perfect for the Castaway adventure.  The only exception I found was a mention of using a saucepan to heat up marinara sauce for Pizza on the Vertical.

Outdoor Cooking Recipes Foil Packets
Louise Davidson
, the author of this cookbook, has several other great collections of outdoor cooking recipes. I bought Foil Packet Recipes.  It was only 99 cents!  Two of the recipes that I want to try are Rosemary & Lime Steak and Pesto & Tomato Chicken.  My boys will love Chili Cheese Dog Packets, Three Meat Pizza Packets and Philly Cheesesteak Rolls.  And did you know you can make shrimp scampi and corn casserole in foil packets??  Grab the book for the recipes!

Head on over to Amazon and grab these great outdoor cookbooks!

Yours in Scouting

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    Ok was able to download the book for free, thanks for the info. I not only do cubs, I also work with boy scouts and several items look good for them


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