Cub Scouts: Rope Knot Tying

Rope for Knot Tying
Every Cub Scout or Boy Scout needs to know how to tie various kinds of knots. There are activities at every rank that, either directly or indirectly, use knot tying.  Buy a pack of clothesline rope and cut it into 6′ pieces–one for every boy.  Practicing their knot tying with this rope is a great Cub Scout gathering activity.  Keep the rope in your den bucket so you’ll have it at every meeting.


I found two wonderful resources online.  The first is Learning, Teaching and Having Fun with Knots.  This document has an extensive list of resources (although some of the links may be out of date), information about teaching Scouts knot tying and a list of ranks and requirements that use knots.

The second is Eight Basic Scout Knots.  What I love about this Scouting knot resource is that you can click on any of the images, and you’ll see animation showing you how to tie the knot.

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One thought on “Cub Scouts: Rope Knot Tying

  1. Charles@72 Hour Kit

    This is very helpful Sherry! Yes, I agree that every Cub scout needs to know how to tie various kinds of knots. The two resources you have given are also informative. It is good that we teach our children young knot tying that is also helpful for survival. Thanks for this! Keep Posting!


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